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Castella Cigars

Castella Cigars are renowned for their quality and affordability, offering a convenient smoking experience for cigar lovers in the UK. Crafted from a skilfully blended selection of Cuban and Java leaf, Castella Cigars offer a superior flavour and smooth smoking experience.

If simplicity is key, you like to smoke on the go, or only have a short time to enjoy a cigar, then the Castella range is perfect for you. Each cigar is individually wrapped, already cut and ready to smoke, and provides a short smoking time of between 5-7 minutes.

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When puffing on a Castella Cigar, you’ll be rewarded with a smooth and mild flavour that is welcomed by novice and experienced smokers alike.

Castella Cigars are machine-made cigars that offer reliable and consistent smoking experiences. Machine-made cigars typically provide a more affordable option compared to handmade smokes, making them an ideal choice for those looking to smoke while on a budget, or to use as cheaper daily smokes between more premium cigars.

Whether Castella Cigars are your favourite brand or you’re looking for a quick and easy cigar to smoke, then you can explore our full range of Castella Cigars at Havana House below.

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