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Henri Wintermans Cigars

The tobacco brand of Henri Wintermans was initially founded in the 1990s in the Netherlands. Since then, the Dutch brand is one of the biggest names in cigarillo and cigar production around today, and we’ve got a whole range of Henri Wintermans products available in our store!

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Who are Henri Wintermans?

Henri Wintermans is a Dutch tobacco brand that prides itself in offering small cigars and cigarillos so that you can skimp on the smoking time, without skimping on quality. They only use the finest tobacco leaves from countries across the world, including Cuba, Colombia and even Indonesia!

What are Cigarillos?

Cigarillos are petite and often machine-made smokes that are available to buy in tins or packs of between 5 and 50. Unlike cigars, the majority of cigarillos are manufactured in Europe, where there is a higher demand for them.

Check out our blog if you would like to learn more about the difference between cigars and cigarillos.

Here at Havana House, we offer a great range of Henri Wintermans products including their Tubed Coronas Deluxe Sumatra Cigar and their Pack of Five Slim Panatellas Dutch Cigars.

You can view our complete range of Henri Wintermans tobacco products below.

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