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Wedding Cigars

Cigar smoking has long been associated with special events, such as weddings, Christmas, or the birth of a new baby. Weddings are one of the best occasions for smoking cigars, and it has long been a tradition for the groom and his groomsmen to enjoy a good smoke after the ceremony.
Some cigars take hours to smoke and leave behind a strong aroma that may stick on your clothes. These are things you will likely want to avoid for your wedding day! Therefore, our collection of cigars, perfect for that wedding day smoke, are shorter and milder, without compromising on quality, making the ideal choice, as they ensure a quicker break from the big day. Such cigars are also best if there are members of your party who do not ordinarily smoke cigars, but would like to be included in the activity.
If you are planning for your big day, then check out our selection of single or boxed cigars to suit the size of your group. Need more help in choosing the ideal cigar for your wedding? Get in touch for more information, or check out our blog on choosing a cigar for a beginner.

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