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Machine Made Cigars

Machine-made cigars are constructed by a machine, rather than rolled by hand. They offer a reliable and consistent cigar perfect for everyday smoking.

Machine-made cigars are often more affordable than their handmade counterparts, making them a great choice for those looking for a smoke on a budget.

When a cigar is hand-rolled, it will typically contain a full leaf, concertinaed, as the filler leaf. In a machine-made cigar, the filler will usually be short filler instead. Short filler is chopped leaf, rather than a full bunched leaf. This shouldn’t have too much of an impact on the smoking experience, but it helps to keep the production cost lower.

While the term ‘machine-made’ perhaps makes these sound like more modern smokes, this isn’t necessarily the case, with some brands using traditional machinery to make their cigars. This is true for De Olifant, who still make use of their oldest machinery, which dates back to 1888!

Smaller and cheaper cigars and cigarillos tend to be machine-made, with many brands producing machine-made offerings, including Villiger, Cohiba, Davidoff, De Olifant and Montecristo.

You can explore our full range of machine-made cigars below, or browse the categories if you have a particular brand or style in mind!

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