6 Reasons to Include a Corn Cob Pipe into The Collection

Douglas Macarthur smoking a corn cob pipe

With the inclusion of the infamous Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe to our portfolio, we thought we should share with you the seven reasons to pick up a corn cob pipe.



Corn cob pipes are incredibly popular as a tasting pipe. A lot of smokers believe that briar changes the flavour of the blend; the only real way of getting the full taste of a blend is to use an inexpensive cob pipe to try the new mix. Missouri Meerschaums are priced so well it is easy to have a few on hand to get a sense of a new blend.

Additionally, we all know about ghosting; those of you who are not new to the pipe world, ‘ghosting’ is when a particularly strong pipe tobacco leaves behind a scent and flavour in the pipe, which then affects the character of a mild blend if smoked afterwards.

Traditional Meerschaum pipes are used for tasting, but these pipes are costly and delicate, so it is much more economical to use a corn cob pipe.



As a beginner, learning to smoke a pipe correctly requires a lot of patience and practise. Depending on how much you may be willing to invest in that first smoke, spending upwards of a hundred pounds for a pipe might not be a great way to begin your journey.

A corn cob pipe is a perfect pipe for beginners; they are inexpensive and are revered as delivering one of the top-quality smokes available. Learning to smoke from a corn cob pipe is slightly different than a briar pipe, but it is an excellent introduction to a lifelong hobby.


Cool, but not too cool

If you have taken up smoking pipes in your twenties or thirties, it may be a bit much to be commuting or wondering around puffing on a long churchwarden, or an elaborately carved Meerschaum pipe, as many Gentry accessories have been hi-jacked by fashionistas.

With examples such as the bow tie and dinner jacket, or cowboy boots and pocket watch, certain gentleman’s accessories require a degree of confidence or at least being over the age of 60, to pull the look off in public. The corn cob pipe is beautifully humble enough that to any passer-by, you are smoking a pipe for the love of it, not just as a fashion statement.



Corn cob pipes cost less than lunch and come in many different styles, sizes and colours. One of the many reasons they have remained a firm favourite is they not only provide a clean, sweet smoke but are at a price point accessible to everyone.



Many cob smoking aficionados truly believe that when smoking a corn cob pipe, the sweetness of the cob itself comes through with the smoke; very subtle, but incredibly pleasing. The taste of your favourite blend mixed with a subtle sweetness is an absolute joy to many a cob collector.


Change the world

Since its humble beginnings, the corn cob pipe has been there with many global political, literary and artistic icons.

Daniel Boone –  an icon from the North American frontier days, both a pioneer and hunter, cob in hand.

H.L Mencken – “The Sage of Baltimore”, Mencken was a journalist, editor and scholar; significantly influencing the politics and literature of the early twentieth century.

Mark Twain – (Real name, Samuel Langhorne Clemens), one of the founders of Missouri Meerschaum. Twain also remains a gold standard author responsible for such greats as The Great American Novel.

So, whether you want to sit in the rocking chair on the porch puffing away into the night or enjoy a lunchtime smoke between office hours, we believe every pipe aficionado should at least give the corn cob pipe a go, and add a Missouri Meerschaum into the collection.


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