Juliany Cigars – Best Value Cigars in the UK?

Juliany Best Value Cigars UK

Cigar History : Juliany Cigars – Best Value Cigars in the UK?

Welcome to Cigar History, a series of blogs created by the team at Havana House about the background of cigar brands. Today is a special edition. Not only are we taking a look into the interesting past of Juliany cigars, but we are also answering the question ‘what are the best value cigars in the UK?’

Juliany cigars are a sub-brand of the La Abeja cigar company. Whilst not a household name, La Abeja produces some of well known brands. The company began with a contact signed in 1997 to create Cojimar cigars. Since, La Abeja has produced (the appropriately named) Heavenly cigars for twelve years. La Abeja has also produced Scarface cigars for ten years and took on the role of making cigar for the Retail powerhouse Thompson Cigars five years ago. Juliany cigars are the youngest brand of cigars created by La Abeja and offer a very different style of cigar.

Juliany cigars are very unique in the cigar world. First and foremost because of the woman who inspired the brand, Bienvenida Ovalles. She is perhaps the only notable female in the cigar industry who solely owns and runs her own factory, which is both shocking and admirable in an industry dominated by men.

The Juliany Cigar Factory

The changes that Bienvenida made to the factory since she bought it out are truly remarkable. Bienvenida herself has said that she is proud of the ‘woman’s touch’ that she has brought to the factory. In fact, almost every single employee is female. The theme is very energetic, with the tiles, paint, décor, furniture and even uniforms all featuring the same striking blue and yellow pattern. The idea behind the colour scheme was to motivate employees. Bienvenida is not only a master of cigar but a master of motivation as you are about to find out.

The factory is one of the most open, welcoming and beautiful in all of the new world. Staff sit in a row in front of a large open window. They roll cigars whilst they converse and enjoy the stunning views of the Dominican country. Additionally, staff are given a large open outdoor space to eat and experience many benefits that are barren to a lot of workers in the Dominican. The Juliany cigar factory is a great place to work which may be a reason why the cigars are of such great quality.

Juliany Cigar Cultivation

The filler and binder tobacco is grown in the fertile Canca region of the Dominican. This along with the privately imported Corojo and Maduro wrapper leaves make for a truly fine cigar and at a surprising low cost. The cigars, especially the Torpedos, have excellent construction which is easy to judge by the long standing ash of this cigar. Bienvenida’s Juliany cigars have earned a serious reputation worldwide for delivering consistently high quality cigars.

The Juliany Cigar Product Range

There are two types of cigar in the Juliany range. First of all, the cigars which feature a Corojo wrapper and secondly, the cigar which feature a Maduro wrapper. The lighter, Corojo wrapped cigars come in three sizes, the Robusto, the Chisel extra and the Torpedo. All of which are consistently good. The Corojo cigars are rich and absolutely full of flavour yet, at the same time, they are certainly not full bodied. In fact Juliany cigars are quite mild. The Corojo cigars are great value for money so are a fine smoke for the novice smoker or the distinguished cigar enthusiast.

The Maduro cigars are a little stronger, not considered mild nor full-bodied cigars. Maduro means ‘Mature’ in Spanish and these cigars are certainly that! Maduro wrapper leafs take much longer to finish the fermentation process than say Samatra or Corojo. This makes for a really flavoursome cigar that anyone can enjoy.

So to answer the question that we posed at the start ‘are Juliany cigars the best value cigars in the UK?’ If you are looking for a good smoke, not too spectacular but certainly consistent and very enjoyable then of course these cigars are fantastic value for money!

Have you ever indulged on a fine Juliany cigar? Please leaves your opinions in the comment section below. The team at Havana House love to read your feedback and interact with the community!

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