Best Whisky Bars in London

Collection of whisky bottles in a bar in London

Being the UK’s largest city, and the capital of England, London should, in theory, have a wealth of fantastic whisky bars. Well, we’re pleased to report that this is, in fact, true; there are innumerable worthwhile establishments that will happily serve you all manor of this golden liquid. Often, the most difficult part is choosing the whisky you drink!

To make your foray into London’s whisky drinking territory a little easier to navigate, we’ve put together some of our favourite bars, pubs and lounges. All will offer a fine range of whisky and will more than satisfy your appetite for a dram. Take a look through and make sure to pop in on your next visit to the capital.

Black Rock

For a refined, experienced and well-educated whisky drinking experience, Black Rock will tick all boxes. Offering a unique take on a whisky bar, they don’t employ the typical ‘bartender behind the bar’ approach. Instead, they let their guests roam the open floor and choose their beverage from a selection of well-stocked cabinets.

The centrepiece of the room is the half oak tree, sliced length-ways to offer a long glass-topped table. The tree also doubles as a whisky river, with two streams of the amber liquid flowing from top to bottom which can be served at the end. Although the intensity of the bar may be off-putting for the less-experienced whisky drinkers, for the connoisseur, it is heaven.

Boisdale of Canary Wharf

For a taste of the Highlands while in the South East, there is no better place than Boisdale of Canary Wharf. Their whisky menu is laid out in an epic 90-page document available on their website and in the bar, detailing their range of Scotch and information on each of the distilleries. For those who like to understand the source of their dram, this will be a dream come true!

They also have live music on most evenings, which is a perfect accompaniment to a great tasting beverage. However, we would suggest booking as the place can get pretty busy!

Selection of whisky bottles in a bar

Bull in a China Shop

Packing a serious punch with a range of premium whiskies, this Shoreditch bar will tantalise the taste buds of even the most experienced connoisseur. Although their whisky selection isn’t the most comprehensive, their focus on quality over quantity warrants them a place on our list. With a range of Japanese, Scotch and other whiskies available, you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect drink.

They also host regular events ranging from screening the final of Love Island to hosting a whisky and vinyl pairing session. Their evening food menu is relatively restrained but should have something for everyone. A great bar that definitely is worth a visit.

Soho Whisky Club

For those who are a diehard fan of the drink, the Soho Whisky Club will be your reward. As the name ‘club’ suggests, this is a members-only affair through which you’ll gain access to a seemingly endless library of bottles to try. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is some ‘open to all’ scheme. Applicants will be invited to an interview before being allowed the join the club, meaning if you’re lucky enough to join, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with other connoisseurs. Bear in mind; you’ll have to stump up £250 for the privilege.

Selection of whisky bottles in a bar

Merchant House

Not only is their whisky collection something to be marvelled at, but they also offer a staggering range of gins and rums. With over 600 varieties of whisky available, there will be something to suit all budgets and tastes. Additionally, their masterclasses will help to illuminate the history and the heritage behind your favourite beverages.

Their staff are well trained and educated in the world of alcoholic spirits, which means you can enjoy your drink while discussing whisky with the house experts.

The Britannia

If you’re looking to stop off somewhere a little less harsh on the wallet, step into the world of The Britannia on Kipling Street. You’ll be welcomed with a relaxed atmosphere and hearty selection of whiskies available. Prices tend to be a little more reasonable with many doubles ranging around the £5 – £10 mark. They also offer a fine ‘Malt of the Month’ which can introduce you to something new.

To keep your whisky appetite in check when you’re not in the city, why not check out our range of Scotch, Irish and Japanese Whisky for sale? We also have a blog jam-packed with information and tips on how to get the most from your whisky.

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