What Does The Burn On Your Cigar Mean?

The way your cigar burns can reveal lots about the way your cigar has been constructed. While you may think that the way your cigar burns is down to the way you have lit it, the way the cigar has been made can actually make more of an impact. We take a look at the different shapes your cigar’s ash can form, and what this means.


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Burning on only one side means that the ligero hasn’t been placed exactly in the centre of the cigar by the roller. This is because the ligero burns the slowest, so the more it moves to one side, the stronger the canoeing effect will be. 


If the burning end dips in, like a cavity in the middle, then there is a fault with the rolling process. It is likely that the volado has been used as the middle leaf, and the slow-burning ligero as the outer, rather than the other way around. 

Conical Crater Burn

A burn where too much burns around the outside, leaving a crater around the middle. This may by caused by a rolling fault. This can happen if a seco is used in place of the volado as binder and wrapper. 

Straight Burn

The tobacco will burn completely evenly if the filler is made of chopped tobacco. 

Conical Burn

A perfectly rolled cigar should burn exactly like this! The ligero in the middle will burn slowly, leaving behind a cone shape.

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