Can Your Cigar Go Bad?

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As you start building up your cigar collection, you’ll soon find you’ve got more cigars than you could possibly smoke. While this is by no means a bad thing, if you’re not sure how to properly store your cigars then you run the risk of your cigars going bad.

In this guide, we’re going to be explaining what it means for a cigar to go bad and how it can be avoided with the use of humidors.

Can Cigars Go Out of Date?

Cigars are designed to last and, much like a fine wine, can be aged to improve or mellow their flavour. This means a cigar can you last you anywhere between a few hours after purchase to indefinitely.

While good quality cigars don’t go out of date, they can certainly go bad if they’re not stored properly. Once a cigar has gone bad, it’s not necessarily unsalvageable, but the quality of the smoke will be significantly decreased and may leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your money.

How Can You Prevent Cigars Going Bad?

Premium cigars will usually remain fresh or, at the very least, smokable for an indefinite amount of time, assuming they’re stored correctly. This means maintaining the correct humidity levels, which for most cigars is 72% RH.

The best and most effective way to store cigars is by using a humidor – a storage box specifically designed to maintain a consistent humidity level to keep your cigars tasting and burning at their very best.

While we recommend using a proper humidor to store your cigars, there are other options that we’ve explored deeper in our blog.

How to store cigars without a humidor

Can Cigars Go Mouldy?

If you notice your cigar is dotted with a bluish-green substance that doesn’t brush off and has a musty odour, then odds are your cigar has gone mouldy.

Cigar mould occurs when the cigars are exposed to a too high humidity level. By the time you notice there’s mould on your cigar, it’s likely already too late. Your best option is to dispose of the affected cigar before it can affect the rest of your collection.

Cigar mould can also grow inside the lining of your humidor, which is extremely difficult to remedy. If your humidor is affected by mould, it’s best to dispose of it to prevent the loss of any more cigars.

Can Cigars Dry Out?

If the humidity levels when you store your cigars are too low, then you run the risk of your cigars drying out. In this instance, the tobacco in the cigar will crackle and burn too hot, too dry and far too fast, making a bitter and fairly unpleasant smoking experience.

Can You Rehydrate Cigars?

The one good thing about a cigar drying out is that it’s not a be-all and end-all situation. Cigars are made by drying and then gradually re-humidifying the tobacco until reaching the desired result. This means that if your cigars have dried out, there is still a chance you can save them.

Place the dried cigar in a humidor or another storage option with sufficient humidity, and then you can gradually begin to re-humidify them. The key is to re-humidify your cigars gradually as too much moisture all at once may shock and ruin them entirely.

It’s worth noting that this process can take weeks, or even months, depending on how dried your cigar has become.

However, if your cigar wrapper is cracked or has begun flaking, or if the naturally occurring oils in the cigar have evaporated, then it may be past the point of no return. At this point, the best bet is to cut your losses and replace the cigar with a fresh one.

By using the proper storage and maintaining a consistent environment, there’s no reason that your cigars can’t last for years, and some cigars only get better with age!

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