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Havana House Windsor Cigar Cruise

windsor cigar cruise boat

Havana House was excited to host the Windsor Cigar Cruise again after two years without being able to join together for this celebration of cigars. The Havana House Cigar Cruise is an annual tradition for cigar lovers in the UK to meet and enjoy great smokes, drinks, and time with fellow aficionados, and we are […]

ADVentura Cigars Now Available in the UK

ADVentura Cigars available in the UK at Havana House

Havana House is excited to be the exclusive stockist for ADVentura Cigars in the UK. To celebrate this partnership, we thought we’d share some more about the brand and the incredible cigars they have created. “We are extremely excited to introduce ADVentura to the UK Market! We have been keen to get these fantastic cigars […]

How to Prepare Your Cigar for Smoking

Gentleman looks up guide for preparing a cigar.

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Even the most seasoned of cigar smokers were once beginners who needed to learn the ropes for storing, cutting and even lighting a cigar (Yes, there is a wrong way to do this). While the process of lighting a cigar isn’t overly complicated, it’s often what puts beginners off from […]

Dos Cientos Event

Ambassador of Honduras, H.E. Iván Romero Martínez and Paresh Patel holding cigars

September marked the 200th Independence Anniversary of Honduras and Central America, so we hosted a ‘Dos Cientos’ event to celebrate. We enjoyed a unique selection of Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars supplied by Tor Imports to mark the occasion. The event took place on the evening of Tuesday, 21st September, in Windsor. We were honoured to […]

Cigar Smoking World Championship 2021 Grand Finale and Winner

rocky patel wcsc cigar

The Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) has concluded for another year. The 2021 contest ended with the grand finale hosted in Split, Croatia, where Henrik Krisstenson from Sweden was announced World Champion. For the uninitiated, the point of the CSWC is to smoke a cigar for as long as possible – the longest time wins! […]

Havana House Hosts First Round of CSWC 2021 UK

Kolja Kukuk, Sarah Saunders and Paresh Patel at the 2021 Cigar Smoking World Championship.

On 12th August 2021, we at Havana House were proud to host the trial of the first UK qualifier of the 2021 Cigar Smoking World Championship in our courtyard in Windsor. This amazing event was hosted by Havana House owner, Paresh Patel. The event was also supported by Rocky Patel and sponsored by Brightleaf Distribution.  […]

New Release From Plasencia & Introducing Verification Chips

Here at Havana House, we are excited for the latest release from Plasencia – the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro Sixto I Hexagon Cigar – which will be in stock soon!  Not only are we eager to sample this new smoke, but the news of Plasencia adding security chips to these cigars is something else […]

Top 10 Cigars For New Cigar Smokers

15 Like any new hobby, knowing where to begin when it comes to cigar smoking can sometimes be a little daunting. If you have decided you would like to join the wonderful world of cigar smoking, then one of the biggest hurdles can be deciding which cigar is the right one to make your first […]

4 Reasons Not to Chew on Cigars

A cigar and whiskey shop

Cigars are designed to be enjoyed, there is no doubt about that. A cigar’s primary use is to be smoked, although some smokers choose to gnaw on them between drags. We’re not here to tell you how to savour your cigar. We understand that some choose to do this within non-smoking spaces or to simply […]

What is the Difference Between Pipe Tobacco and Cigar Tobacco?

A smoking pipe resting on a cigar

When smoking as a pastime, many will choose to use either cigars or pipe tobacco. Here at Havana House, we sell both cigars and pipes, allowing our customers to choose between two different forms of tobacco smoking. Many cigar or pipe smokers will also indulge in the other from time to time, allowing themselves to […]

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