A Gentleman’s Christmas: Men’s Grooming Gifts

A mens shaving luxury Christmas gift

If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your male friends and family, then look no further than our guide to the best male grooming gifts to get this Christmas.

For the beginner:

DOVO CUT THROAT RAZORdove cut throat razor

This high end razor is hand crafted in Solingen, a region of Germany which is famous for its steelworks. With over eighty different steps in the process of producing a cut-throat razor, from forging and smithing to assembling and engraving, the Dovo razors are certainly top quality products. This razor is great for those just starting out in the world of straight razors, as it is affordable, yet retains the high standards associated with the brand. For a cleaner shave, once the owner has become proficient at using it to shave, the blade can also be sharpened.


Taylor pure badger and sandalwood shaving cream gift box


Sometimes Christmas shopping for the men in your life can be incredibly challenging. Other times, the perfect gift set pops up. Featuring a Pure Badger Brush and Sandalwood Shaving Cream, this mens shaving luxury christmas gift will provide a luxuriously comfortable shave. Ideal for both those starting out with wet shaving, or those who have been shaving so long their sets may need a refresh!



For the man with a beard:

proraso beard hot oilPRORASO BEARD HOT OIL

An absolute must for the friend or family member with a beard. Warm these oils in water before massaging them into the beard to promote healthy growth, and to tame the more mighty of beards. The intensive treatment brings together a blend of cedarwood and citrus notes to refresh the facial hair. The set comes with five single-use vials to break-out when your beards condition is feeling a little lacklustre.


For the stocking filler:


Finding those little extra presents to fill stockings or give as a secret Santa present can sometimes prove quite tricky. You need something small, and preferably cheap, but you still want it to be both meaningful and useful. The Proraso Shaving Soap is just that, giving you a professional feel to your shave. The Shea butter used in the soap makes for a smoother application and will leave your skin feeling softer.


Sandalwood shaving soapSANDALWOOD SHAVING SOAP

For an alternate scent, try the sandalwood shaving soap. As an essential oil with anti-inflammatory benefits, sandalwood is a great choice for a shaving soap at as it can alleviate some of the strains that are put on your skin when you shave. Plus, the aromas that come from sandalwood, with notes of spice and wood, are unmistakably masculine.

For the big gift:

Edwin Jagger 3 Piece Horn Mach 3 SetEDWIN JAGGER 3 PIECE HORN MACH 3 SET

There’s always someone we need to buy a bigger present for, whether it be a father, a brother or even for ourselves. The Edwin Jagger three-piece shaving set is a great example of the kind of larger present you can look out for the most important men in your life. Attached to the matching shaving stand is a pure badger filled shaving brush, and a Gillette mach3 razor, all nickel plated. Not only will this give you many years of quality shaving, but it will also add a stylish flair to your bathroom, with the neatly balanced stand keeping everything together and organised.


Looking for more present inspiration? Check out our other Christmas gift ideas for men.

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