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Whilst selecting from the endless options available when it comes to being able to buy cigars online, it can be difficult to settle for one particular choice. Each offers an array of inherent intensity and character, due to the artisanal beauty of the individually bound cigars. 

Being the hallmark for tobacconists to this day, the Davidoff Cigar’s history is as rich as the experience of smoking one itself.

Every cigar offers a different note that can whisper oak, aged musk and vanilla bean. Others may pose a sweet and spicy finish. Each profile and preference subjective to your palate, that fits like a fine tailored suit.

A Davidoff Cigar is one that most should experience. Especially when his philosophy is still as strong as it was in 1947, the beginning of his synonymous status symbol with ‘the good life’. Undeniably a premium Swiss brand, with a wide array of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


Where it All Began

Zino Davidoff’s story begins in 1906 as the son of a cigar salesman in Kyiv, Ukraine. From a family who blended tobaccos, it’s hardly surprising he made such an impression on the industry. At the age of five, his family had decided to set up shop in Switzerland and move to Geneva – opening the infamous tobacco store.

Settled in Switzerland

Fleeing the political turmoil of Russia, the new life of the Davidoff’s was wonderful. He and his siblings received a promising education in Geneva and were economically well off.

But once Zino’s education had ended, he was inspired to search for more secrets of the tobacco trade, and set off to travel to Argentina and Brazil.

By the time he had reached nineteen, Zino had immersed himself in the culture and cultivation of tobacco during his travels through Latin America. He had spent his time wisely, working and studying abroad.

Once he had returned to Geneva, he had already created new blends and ways in which to store tobacco.


The Start Of a Legendary Smoke

His ingenious innovations of the industry did not stop there. He invented the very first desktop humidor, which allowed cigars to be properly stored at home, changing the entirety of the cigar industry.

By 1929, Zino Davidoff had taken over the family business, his heart set on continuing to learn and be engrossed in the industry. The once originally modest family-owned tobacconist soon became a haven for wealthy cigar smokers across the globe.

Due to the neutrality of Switzerland’s standpoint, they had been spared the havoc of World War II, unlike the rest of Europe. This aided their success as they may have only been a  small shop, they were a prosperous one at that.

A couple of years after the launch of the first Davidoff cigars, Zino Davidoff had decided in 1970, it was time to sell the store to the Mac Oettinger company. Paying more than one million dollars for the shop. Until his death in 1994, Zino decided to stay on as an ambassador.


The Production of the Original Davidoff Cigar

Thanks to the great success of marketing the Hoyo de Monterrey Chateaux series in the Davidoff Shop, in 1967, Cubatabaco approached Zino and offered him the idea of a cigar in his family name. This formed the foundation of a historic combination.

The Davidoff cigar had captured connoisseurs’ attention. Said to be similar to the Cohiba, its difference was defined by its lighter wrapper and smoother smoke.

By far the best and most respectable part of this story, is Zino Davidoff’s concern with the growth in demand. This is because he wanted to maintain quality and consistency throughout production.

A true mark of craftmanship, a famous line of Davidoff was due to his denial of being a salesman, and always referring to himself an advisor. His high value for his customers can still be experienced through smoking his cigars.


An End to an Era

By 1968, the first productions of the Davidoff cigars were discontinued with Hoyo de Monterrey Label and relaunched by the Chateaux series. Which began to be exclusively made for the Davidoff brand.

Unfortunately, Davidoffs relationships with Cuba began to deteriorate. Fueled by disputes of ownership and the rights to the brand name. During these disputes, in August 1989, it all went up in smoke when Zino pubically burnt over one hundred thousand Davidoff cigars.

By 1991, the Cuban production of Davidoff cigars had officially stopped, and Davidoff moved production to the Dominican Republic.


The Max Oettiger Company

The Max Oettiger company that had taken over the Davidoff tobacconist were one of the first that imported Cuban cigars in Europe, primarily supplying to France, Germany and Switzerland.

Although it was considered at the time as an extortionate price to pay one million for such a small shop, it has since been made evident that with the rise of demand for Davidoff cigars, it was a worthy investment to make.


Handpicked Favourites

The Aristocrat Cigar

The Aristocrat is the flagship cigar of the Davidoff Winston Churchill line, and appropriately, is a Churchill vitola. It is a complex cigar filled with subtle flavours and sophisticated aromas.


Davidoff Robusto Intenso Cigar

The Robusto Intenso started out as a limited edition smoke in 2005, but its popularity has brought the cigar back as a 2020 Limited Edition. The cigar is made up of a selection of beautifully aged and blended tobaccos for a harmonious smoke.


The Traveller Cigar

From the Davidoff Winston Churchill line, the Belicoso will satisfy any appetite for aromatic and oak flavours that blend with coffee and cocoa.

A whole new experience when it comes to any other Davidoff cigar. Lasting twenty minutes, it may give the impression of being short but it sure is intense. As they say, big things really do come in small packages.

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