Why Should Cigars Be Smoked Slowly?

man smoking a cigar

One of the biggest mistakes a cigar smoker can make is to rush their cigar. Cigars can take quite a long time to complete, and when you’ve spent good money on a smoke, you probably won’t want to waste it. It can, therefore, be quite tempting to puff a bit faster to finish a cigar, especially if you’re new to the art of smoking.

However, if you smoke a cigar too fast, it can cause a whole host of problems, which will inevitably lead to an unpleasant smoking experience. Here we share some of the reasons why slow and steady is best when it comes to cigars.


Ruining the Quality

Smoking too fast is a sure way to ruin the quality of your cigar. The more you puff, the hotter your cigar will become, and this can cause damage to your smoke. If the inside of the cigar heats up too much, it can start to develop bitter tastes as the filler tobacco burns prematurely, thus ruining the flavour.

Plus, surely quality over quantity is better? If you’re in a rush to finish, it is best to just slowly puff away until you need to put it down and enjoy the quality of a good smoke, rather than try and get as much out of the cigar as possible.

Cigars Are Meant to Be Relaxing

Aside from the damage that can be done to a cigar by smoking it too fast, by rushing a cigar you are missing out one of the key aspects of the experience – the fact a cigar is meant to be a form of leisure and relaxation.

When you smoke a cigar, the intention is that you sit back, relax and appreciate the experience, taking the time to enjoy all of the subtle flavours and aromas your cigar offers. As you gently puff on the stogie, you should be considering the effort put in to handroll your smoke, and the rich history of tobacco growing that has led to this delightful moment! Smoking a Cuban cigar can be for a moment of celebration, or as a time to spend with friends.

If you are in a rush, then perhaps a cigar is not the best pick for that moment!


Too Much Nicotine

Cigars can contain as much tobacco as a 20-pack of cigarettes, and despite certain myths, they do also contain a great deal of nicotine. While the nicotine isn’t inhaled like it is in a cigarette, smoking a cigar can still lead to nicotine being absorbed through the lining of your mouth.

When you smoke a cigar too fast, this can cause too much nicotine in your mouth at once, causing a nicotine kick that can leave an unpleasant taste. Too much puffing will cause intense nicotine flavours that will mask the delicious tastes of your cigar, so keeping the smoking slow will help to keep it under control.


Getting an Uneven Burn

If you are frantically puffing on your cigar, then it is unlikely that you are taking the time to rotate it properly to ensure an even burn. When you turn your cigar, it helps the heat to be distributed more evenly, offering a better burn throughout the cigar.

If you just try to quickly smoke it, the burn can quickly become uneven, causing problems that can ruin your experience.

If you frequently find yourself running out of time with cigars, or have a tendency to rush your smoke, then why not try a smaller format of cigar to save you time and money, while ensuring a better quality smoke!


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