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When it comes to the best cigar smoking experience, there are small aspects that will ensure that your downtime goes as smoothly as possible, and the right cigar lighter is at the top of the list.

We know you may have seen your favourite cowboy strike a match against their stubble before lighting their cigarillo, but matches should be avoided as they offer no real accuracy when lighting up, and the smallest gust of wind can ruin your cigar as it can burn the wrapper further down. The same can be said for cheap lighters; not only is the flame vulnerable, but the metal head heats up very quickly and can burn your fingers.

What we recommend here at Havana House is a soft flame lighter or a jet flame lighter, also known as a cigar torch, to use for your cigars.

Torch flames skyrocketed in popularity and often come in three styles; single flame, double flame and triple flame. These lighters are hugely popular among aficionados who enjoy cigars with a larger ring gauge as it allows you to light a larger circumference much more easily. Torch lighters also hold up against the natural elements and, let’s be honest here, look pretty cool!

Below you will find some of our favourites at Havana House, which are available in-store or online!

Vector Coup Lighter

Vector Coup Lighter

The Vector Coup lighter is without a doubt one of the greatest value lighters in the world, if not the best! This Vector lighter is the perfect in between, combining a high-quality design with a very reasonable price tag. Featuring a classic two-piece design that boasts a wind resistant, altitude tested jet flame that will light up your stogie anywhere, this lighter is the perfect cigar tool to take away on holiday or camping trips away with family and friends.

Colibri Talon Jet Lighter

Colibri Talon Jet Lighter

Colibri lighters are synonymous with style, efficiency and durability within the cigar industry and are always a fantastic addition to any aficionado’s man cave.  The Colibri Talon cigar lighter features a single jet flame and is easy to use with a single-action ignition. The fuel tank is extra large, making it longer lasting, and the transparent tank makes fuel level readings simple. The flame is wind resistant, allowing you to light up in all conditions, and the oversized fuel adjuster wheel offers effortless changes to the flame size. The lighter is presented in a gift box, making this an excellent choice for those looking for an accessory to give to a loved one for a special occasion!

Xikar Forte Jet Lighter

Xikar Forte Jet Flame Lighter

A Xikar lighter is the product of expert craftsmanship, and when you add one of their models to your collection, it will last a lifetime. The Forte is a relatively new model and is something of an all-in-one dream for cigar lovers – especially those who are often on the go and do not want to bring a full set of accessories with them! You can be prepared for any impromptu cigar with this lighter; as well as a single jet flame, the lighter also has a built-in, razor-sharp 7mm cigar punch, meaning all you need is in one convenient accessory! The lighter also features thumb action ignition, a fuel adjustment wheel and a fuel gauge, so you know when to fill it up, making it incredibly easy to use. The Forte is also available as a soft flame lighter if you prefer that style.

S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighter

S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighter

S.T. Dupont are the purveyors of the most luxurious cigar lighters in the world, yet they still have some more affordable accessories that tick all the boxes – and the S.T. Dupont Minijet does just that! Available in a variety of colours, this ultra-light accessory has an excellent jet flame that can hold up to the elements, is easy to use and is sleek and stylish.

These are just a small selection of our extensive range of cigar lighters available here at Havana House. Check out our full collection to discover all the wonderful options you have available to you!

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