5 Facts About Montecristo Cigars

A box of Montecristo cigars

In 2020 one of the world’s most famous cigar brands celebrated their 85th anniversary. Although Montecristo was established in 1930, a younger brand in comparison to others, the influence of the Montecristo should not be underestimated.

Some will claim the torpedo shaped Montecristo No.2 to be the most impressive cigar of all time. Although, we’ll leave that for you to decide. Here at Havana House, our stock offers a range of Montecristo cigars available to purchase.

Below we’re going to be discussing several facts that any Montecristo aficionado needs know about.

Originally Made at the H. Upmann Factory

H. Upmann, founded in 1844, is one of the oldest cigar companies that are still in production. After only a year of creating Montecristo, Alonso Menendez created the Garcia Y Cia company and went on to purchase the H. Upmann brand.

The productions of Montecristo were relocated to the H. Upmann factory, where it still remains. They became the largest Havana factory rolling out Montecristo and H. Upmann cigars with over 1,100 workers.

Discontinued Montecristo Cigars Were Auctioned for £6,500

A box of Montecristo B cigars, which were discontinued in the 1980s, were once sold for £6,500 at a Christie’s auction, even though the box was only partially filled. That amounts to each cigar being worth £216.

The brand has also discontinued other cigars from its range. The Montecristo No. 6 and Montecristo No. 7 were also discontinued, both in 1998. We wonder how much they could fetch at auction!

The New Montecristo Helped Give Rights to Original Cigar Makers

In 1960, the Menendez family lost the brand to the Cuban nationalisation of the cigar industry. After leaving Cuba with barely two pennies to rub together, Benjamin Menendez opened Compania Insular Tabacalera S.A. in the Canary Islands in 1961.

He created a new version of the Montecristo, called Montecruz, with his father helping as an investor of the company. The almost twin copy of Montecristo became one of the best selling cigars available in the United States, where the Cuban original could not be sold.

In 1970, a lawsuit between Menendez and a small group of Cuban cigar importers Faver, Coe and Gregg, became a hallmark which transcended into establishing the right of the cigar makers in exile. This allowed them to market their version of their brand that was originally Cuban.

Montecristo No. 4 is a Very Popular Cigar

The Montecristo No. 4 is a petit corona, it only measures at 5 1/8 inches long. This incredibly popular cigar is of surprisingly delectable and high quality considering the quantities and numerous factories they are produced in.

Originally, Montecristo No. 4 was the most popular cigar, although they have since been surpassed by Partagás serie D No. 4. A Montecristo No. 4 can still be enjoyed and will always be a fond favourite. A more than safe bet when you are not sure what cigar to choose.

The Brands Name was inspired by the hero in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’

Alexandre Dumas, père novel ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ inspired the name Montecristo.

It is said to have been a rather popular choice among the torcedores, cigar rollers, at the factory. Some say the workers would routinely request the novel to be read to them while working in the old factory.

You can browse our fine range of Cuban cigars, including our selection of Montecristo. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here, at Havana House, whether it’s intended as a gift for a fellow aficionado or a treat for yourself.

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