Which Famous Cigar Smoker Are You?

With cigars acting as symbols of power, wealth and success, it is no surprise that many famous people smoke them! Take our quiz to find out which famous stogie smoker you are most like!

Share your quiz result or comment below to let us know which famous face you got! If you want to live like these famous smokers, why not buy cigars online and try something new!

There are many more famous cigar smokers out there, both real and fictional. Here are some more of our favourites:

Groucho Marx

Renowned for his thick grease-paint moustache and eyebrows, Marx was a comedic star on stage and screen, who is instantly recognisable from his exaggerated features and the cigar that is almost permanently between his lips. The cigar was such a big part of Marx’ life that his wife once told him to extinguish a stogie or get out and find a new wife, as she hated his smoking habit so much. Given that he was married and divorced three times in his life, and famously stated ‘a woman is an occasional pleasure, but a cigar is always a smoke’, it seems clear what he chose!


Despite being the President to sign a trade embargo with Cuba, stopping Cuban smokes making their way into the US, Kennedy was actually a true lover of cigars. As the story goes, the day before the embargo was signed, JFK sent his press secretary off to locate as many of his favourite stogies (H. Upmann Petit Upmann) as possible! He even held-off the signing of the documents until he knew that he had a sufficient supply of the soon to be illegal imports. An impressive 1200 cigars were rounded up for the President, but as he was assassinated only a couple of years later, it is unlikely that he ever finished his secret stash!

Thomas Edison

Famed for his incredible inventions, including the electric light bulb, motion picture camera and phonograph, Edison was also known to enjoy sparking up a stogie or two while working on his devices. Fed up of his lab assistants sneaking a smoke from his cigar stash, Edison began to roll up ‘cigars’ made from sawdust and left them for his unsuspecting colleagues to (not) enjoy!



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