Fantastic flavoured mini cigars at Havana House

Havana House are widely recognised for providing the highest quality cigars and accessories. For those looking to add something new to their smoking experience, pick up some flavoured mini-cigars for a highly enjoyable smoking experience with a twist!

Here are three of our favourite flavoured cigars available at Havana House online or instore:


Backwoods Honey Berry


Coming in packs of 5, Backwoods honey berry cigars were introduced way back in 1981 and have been a hugely popular cigar over the years. First off, how can you not be tempted just by the bright and fun packaging? The cigars are something you’d expect to see dangling out of a rancher’s mouth with its now iconic frayed edge. Maintaining the correct humidity levels in the cigars by way of their foil pouch, this maintains the perfect smoke each time you pull out a stick from the pouch. This all natural cigar company comes in two other flavours, Sweet Aromatic and Vanilla.


Candlelight Cherry Cigarillo


First introduced in Germany, Candlelight Cherry Cigarillos have garnered quite the reputation for their unrivalled fruity flavour coming in an elegant stremalined metal tin. They boast a supersmooth flavour and mild tasting notes that are best enjoyed with a good quality morning coffee.


Zahi Flavoured Purito Cigars


If you’re looking for the best in sweet tipped cigars then look no further than the Puritos by Zahi from the Dominican Republic. Zahi are well known for producing top quality cigars that are mildly sweet yet rich in flavour. This is a hard feat to pull off yet Zahi create the perfect balance of their smooth tobacco and flavourful tasting notes.

Widely mentioned as the best flavoured cigars on the market this is in part due to using some of the finest tobacco in the world as well as their expertise in blending.



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