Follow This Guide on How to Repair Your Cigar

Nothing can be as frustrating as saving some of your favourite cigars back for a later date and then returning to find your prized smokes damaged.

They can become damaged if we receive them from friends in the mail, or just simply put them in a bag for a weekend getaway with loved ones.

This can lead to a peeling wrapper or a couple of small cracks, but with a little patience and care that cigar can be repaired and that potentially ruined cigar is once again smokeable. Read on below to find out what you will need and what steps you’ll need to take to repair that stogie…


What Will I Need to Fix My Cigar?

  • Box 100% Natural Pectin (this can be found in the supermarket)
  • A small container of some sorts (such as the lid to a soda bottle)
  • A small amount of water
  • 1 Toothpick
  • A small amount of donor tobacco to use as a patch


How Do I Fix My Cigar?

Step 1

Place a small measure of warm water into your soda bottle cap

Step 2

Add in a small amount of pectin and stir with a toothpick

Step 3

Apply pectin with a toothpick to both the cigar and donor tobacco

Step 4

Apply patch, press firmly and remove any wrinkles

Step 5

Allow pectin to dry for about one minute then enjoy your repaired cigar


The most common problem when smoking your cigar is ‘canoeing’, this is the most usual burn issue and can be identified when the burn edge has free course and burns through one side of the cigar. It seems like the cigar was divided into two parts and only one side is burning properly.

You can prevent this problem by paying attention to the burn line which is wider on one side than on the other. This usually signifies that your stick is getting more heated on that side and it may flare up quicker.

You can remedy this by slowing the smoking tempo. Be very careful to take more infrequent and gentle puffs. This will lead to cooling the superheated cigar’s side which, in its turn, will level the burn along the end of the stogie.

In case you still have this problem, you can put your stick apart and let it get cool. As this happens, take a cigar cutter to clip the end of it. Thus you will be able to start your smoking again. After that, draw through the cigar to eliminate all chemicals that might occur there because of the combustion. And, finally, light it once again to enjoy the smoke.

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Image: Wouter van Emmerik under Creative Commons.



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