Gentleman’s Guide – Grooming And Smoking Ethos

RAF pilot gets a shave while having a smoke

Grooming and smoking go hand in hand; both are a fundamental ritual for the purveyor of masculine pursuits. We thought we would share with you some of our ethos when it comes to the essentials.

“Good grooming is integral, and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will give you the time or money.” – Daymond John


As a gentleman, keeping your facial hair in check is an absolute must, whether you have a full beard, moustache or skin-tight close shave. As a contemporary man, it has become apparent a full beard is almost a must for those fortunate enough to grow one, whether it holds the colour of the stock from a 1895 Winchester rifle or the intensity of a Croatian sunset.

The beard is not only measured by its length and density but also its finish. Don’t let it get too wild unless you’re living out in the backcountry.

The modern man should treat his beard like the figurehead at the prow of an old galleon; shaped to perfection, carved like oak. It should always strive to compliment the face it adorns, whether you want to keep it in check or go full out and condition it with essential oils for glossy, healthy depth.

Moving onto moustaches, thankfully it no longer has to be the month of November to flaunt one of these pieces of finery. Whether you go for a Hussein bin Talal, Tom Selleck or Dali, a moustache truly is a statement – robust and unavoidable, not for the subtle. Probably adorned since man first created a flint razor, and in more recent history sported by the British Army since the beginning of the Raj, the moustache has been worn by the influential artist, sportsman and public figure alike.

We believe the moustache to be a four-season keeper. If you hold enough bravado to sport a fantastic lip frame, have a look at our shaving section to help aid you in shedding that excess hair to reveal a real upper lip masterpiece.

All this talk of facial hair can make us a little itchy. Just as important as brandishing your facial adornments are the necessary rituals and phases of shaving. There is nothing finer than aligning your shaving accoutrements along the sink, running the hot tap and giving yourself the time to indulge and take care of your skin, from applying the shave soap with a fine badger brush to running that straight edge with the grain. We have an entire line of fine shaving products to facilitate your every need.


“A cigar is as good as the memories you have while smoking it.” – Raul Julia

As a gentleman, cigars and pipes are a fantastic way to spend the evening after a long day on the green, behind the spinnaker or perhaps trudging through the snow up a mountaintop. It may sound like a by-gone era to some, yet having the time to actually enjoy a quality smoke, perhaps accompanied by a stiff drink, has to be one of the most rewarding methods of rest and recuperation. It is a time to swap stories, talk of loved ones and write plans for the following day.

Many a generation for thousands of years have used smoking as the vehicle to socialise all over the world, and we whole heartedly believe in the camaraderie simply found by opening up an excellent box of cigars of an evening. When you’re snowed in a bothy, you better believe that the last pinch of pipe tobacco you have will become a morale-boosting lifesaver.

Wherever you’re toasting a Davidoff with its cedar spills or enjoying a short one down your local pub after the skittles, a cigar cutter can be an essential piece of kit – Winston Churchill might disagree, being famous for biting his cigar ends – but whatever your style: the V-cut, punch cut or straight cut we have you covered. Our bespoke array of worldly cigar cutters commends our even larger collection of cuban cigars.


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