A Guide to Cigar Smoking in London

Many may assume that the 2007 smoking ban would have dampened the English passion for cigar smoking. However, the undying love for a pleasurable smoke lives on in London, proved by the large variety of bustling cigar bars and lounges that continue to boom in the capital. Along with supplying some of the world’s most luxurious cigars, many of these venues offer an exclusive smoking experience; from gentleman’s club lounges to raucous Cuban bars, there are some truly fantastic places to smoke in London that you’ll want to know about.


The Lanesborough: The Garden Room

If you’re a suave gentleman in search of a decadent place to enjoy a cigar, The Garden Room in The Lanesborough Hotel will suit you down to the ground. Relax in the stunning outdoor heated terrace while you’re catered to by a superb team of Cigar Sommeliers. Choose from an extensive range of Cuban and pre-Castro stogies in The Garden Room’s very own walk-in humidor. And if that’s not impressive enough, enjoy an accompanying beverage from the bar’s exclusive collection of whiskeys and brandies, some dating back as far as 1770!


Boisdale of Canary Wharf

Comprising of a restaurant, whisky bar, oyster bar, music venue and Cuban cigar library, the Boisdale really does have it all. If you’re after a chilled-out smoke, head to the smoking terrace, which is equipped with sofas and blankets, to enjoy a selection of vintage or contemporary Cuban cigars. If you’re unsure of what to go for, don’t panic as samples are offered, so you can try before you buy! Then head to their fantastic restaurant for a top of the range, fine dining experience, and if after that, you fancy a tipple, you can always swing by the whisky bar!



No. Ten Manchester Street Hotel

Undoubtedly one of the most luxurious places to smoke in the capital, an experience at No. Ten is spoken highly of by many; and for good reason too. Gentlemen can sample a fine selection of hand-rolled Havana cigars in the indoor tasting room or, if preferred, can venture out on to a charming outdoor terrace to enjoy a cool-air smoke. The stunning De Art humidor is sure to impress, along with the exceptional serving experience, which includes cutting and lighting. While you are enjoying your cigar, the chance to sample some delicious grub from the bar menu is also on offer, along with a selection of tasty beverages. Open until 1am, No. Ten should certainly be on your list of places to visit if you’re looking for a nightcap.



Situated on the site of the former Bridewell Palace, once a residence of King Henry VIII, this glamorous champagne bar doubles up as a high-class smoking scene, full of the finer things in life. Along with a glass of vintage champagne and a flavoursome cigar, guests can enjoy the bar’s unique VIP areas that once functioned as prisons and storage spaces for the bank above. This fascinating history gives the building a lavish yet characterful appearance, making it a one-of-a-kind venue to visit. Outside, the charm continues with a beautiful terrace featuring silk canopies and glistening chandeliers, undoubtedly reminiscent of its regal roots. For a novel and majestic smoking experience, Voltaire is definitely worth a visit!


Havana House: The Windsor Cigar Lounge

Finally, our very own Windsor Cigar Lounge is also a perfect place to enjoy a gentlemanly smoke. With custom built humidors and luxury furnishings, the Windsor Cigar Lounge offers a relaxing haven for cigar connoisseurs and is full of character and charm. In the summer months, sit outside in our courtyard and enjoy a smoke in the sun. After savouring a flavoursome stogie in this inviting venue, why not make it a day of living like a gentleman, by paying a visit to the neighbouring barbers shop for a chop and a trim, the perfect way to combine business with pleasure. The chance to sample some fresh coffee is also on offer at the courtyard sharing coffee house. Although not yet open to the public on a permanent basis, The Windsor Cigar Lounge offers exclusive events for guests to enjoy that are not to be missed!


So, if you thought the days of stogie smoking in London town were over, think again. As demonstrated above, the city still boasts an extensive range of vibrant cigar bars and lounges, all of which offer a unique and pleasurable smoking experience. From pre-Castro smokes to hand-rolled Havana’s, London really can offer some of the best Cuban cigars for gentlemen to enjoy.


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