Cigar Wrapper Guide: Sumatra Wrappers

Sumatra wrapper leaf and cigar

As part of our cigar wrapper guide series, we’ve been taking a look at some of the most popular types of tobacco that are used to create the wrappers on our favourite smokes!

Here we are exploring the wonderful Sumatra wrapper and discovering how it is grown, developed and used to make some of the best cigars on the market. 

What Are Sumatra Wrappers? 

Sumatra wrappers come from tobacco made on the island of Sumatra. Sumatra tobacco is also known as black tobacco, and when it is used as a wrapper leaf, it imparts mild and sweet flavour and aroma when smoking. 

Cigars with Sumatra wrappers are said to have notes of cinnamon and earthiness, with floral hints and a sweet aftertaste. 


Where Are Sumatra Wrappers Grown?

While the name might seem to give you a hint, Sumatra tobacco does not have to be grown in Sumatra to be qualified as a Sumatra wrapper. 

Although it originated in Sumatra, the Sumatra tobacco seed is now grown in a number of cigar-producing countries around the world, including Ecuador, Nicaragua and Honduras. 

Due to different environments, soil conditions and growing techniques, the same tobacco can produce different flavours and smoking experiences depending on where it is grown. 


Ecuador Sumatra 

It is often considered that Sumatra tobacco grown in Ecuador, known as Ecuador Sumatra, is the best version of Sumatra tobacco. In fact, most premium cigars that use Sumatra tobacco will use Ecuador Sumatra. 

Ecuador Sumatra is different from Indonesian Sumatra tobacco, as it is a crossbreed between the Sumatra varietal and the Cubana tobacco varietal that originated in Cuba. 

Tobacco plantations started growing in Ecuador following the nationalisation of the cigar industry in Cuba, when cigar industry leaders fled Cuba. Ecuador Sumatra was created in 1967 by blending the two varietals into one delicious tobacco. 


What’s the Difference Between Indonesian and Ecuadorian Sumatra Tobacco?

  • Indonesian Sumatra is milder and less flavourful. This tobacco is usually used for bargain smokes. 
  • Ecuadorian Sumatra is richer, with a bolder flavour profile. It can be medium-full bodied with a punchy, spicy flavour, making for a complex smoke. 

Sumatra Wrapper Cigars to Try 

Today, you can get cigars with Indonesian Sumatra wrappers or Ecuador Sumatra wrappers. Most of the Sumatra wrapper leaf used comes from Ecuador now, with premium cigars making use of Ecuador Sumatra. 


Indonesian Sumatra Wrapper Cigars

J Cortes Sumatran Corona Tubos Cigar

The J Cortes Sumatran Corona Tubos Cigar is a great example of how Indonesian Sumatra tobacco is used in cigars. At £6.25, this cigar is pretty affordable in comparison to some premium brands. 

Unlike most premium cigars, the J Cortes is machine-made and will come pre-cut and ready to smoke. 

The Sumatran wrapper offers the cigar a light, mellow flavour and subtle aroma, making it a good choice for novice cigar smokers who are not yet accustomed to the strength of some cigars. 


Woermann Navigator Christopher Columbus Sumatra Blend Cigars

If you find that you enjoy the milder taste and cheaper price of Sumatra wrapper cigars, then you can find full boxes of these smokes for less than some single premium sticks! 

The Woermann Navigator Christopher Columbus Sumatra Blend Cigars come in a box of 10 for £49.95. These are machine-made shortfiller cigars that come pre-cut and ready for smoking. 

As with many Sumatra cigars, these are mild but well-balanced in taste. 


Ecuador Sumatra Wrapper Cigars

Rocky Patel Royale Torpedo Cigar

Using a Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador, the Rocky Patel Royale Torpedo is much fuller in flavour, offering a medium-full bodied and complex smoke. 

Alongside the Ecuador Sumatra wrapper in this cigar are two binders, Shade-Grown Connecticut and Connecticut Broadleaf, as well as Nicaraguan filler tobacco, making for an exceptional smoke packed full of flavour. 

In 2014, the Rocky Patel Royale Torpedo Cigar was ranked at number five in the Cigar Aficionado Top 25 Cigars of 2014. 


Ashton VSG Virgin Sun Grown Robusto Cigar

The Ashton VSG Virgin Sun Grown Robusto Cigar is crafted using high-grade Ecuador Sumatra tobacco as the wrapper. 

Paired with five-year-aged Dominican tobaccos, the cigar is bold and balanced. As you smoke, notes of dark chocolate, espresso and cedar will emerge, creating a powerful and complex experience. 

Not sure which cigar is for you? Check out our full range of cigars online in the UK and discover your favourite smoke! 


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