4 Hot Cocktails for Winter

When winter evenings start to crawl in early, there’s nothing more tempting than a cigar in one hand, and a whisky in the other. Take comfort in knowing, the frosty bite of the air is locked away as you take a smokey sip of indulgence. 

With a chill in the air, we’ve been compiling an assortment of hot cocktails to thaw the frost away. With our recipes at the ready, all you’ll need is your favourite Scotch whisky and a few spices to bring these remedies to life.


The Hot Toddy

We’re starting with a classic to keep it simple. An all-rounder that’s used for colds and comfort. But we don’t recommend mixing alcohol with over the counter medication, so do bear this in mind. 

A simple concoction of favourites. With a twist of lemon and the sweetening of honey, it’s a soothing drink for cold occasions. 


180ml of water

A shot of whisky

2 teaspoons of honey, to taste

2 teaspoons of lemon juice, to taste

Lemon slices, garnish

1 cinnamon stick, garnish


Step 1: Bring water to the boil, let it cool for five or so minutes. Pour into a mug.

Step 2: Add whiskey, honey and lemon juice. Stir until the honey has melted into the mixture. Taste and alter according to preference, as you may prefer more of a zing to come through from the lemon, or sweetness from the honey. 

Step 3: Garnish and enjoy your Hot Toddy!


Spiked Apple Cider

This warming cocktail is like Christmas in a cup. Easy enough to make in batches with only a few simple ingredients, it’s a delight to drink.


500ml cloudy apple juice

2 cinnamon sticks

2 tablespoons of mulling spices

Dash of orange juice

3 shots of whisky 


 Step 1: Combine apple juice, cinnamon sticks, spices and orange juice in a pan and bring to the boil. Reduce to simmer for ten minutes. The longer the mixture is simmered, the more prominent the flavours will be. 

 Step 2: Add the whiskey and stir in, it should be added last to avoid burning off any alcohol. 

Step 3: Pour and enjoy while still hot!


Hot Buttered Whisky 

This indulgent blend of spices and smooth butter should be given a try for those cold nights in need of extra comfort.


A shot and a half of whisky

125g of butter, soft

90g of soft brown sugar

30g of honey or agave syrup

1 tsp of cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Pinch of nutmeg

Pinch of allspice

Pinch of ground cloves


Step 1: Combine all the ingredients and mix for a couple of minutes to ensure the ingredients are mixed in together. 

Step 2: Using a mould, such as one for ice cubes, pour in the mixture. If you do not have one available, you can use cling film. Pour onto the cling film so it’s about half a centimetre thick and roll into a cylindrical shape. Let it cool in the refrigerator until firm, this can take about an hour or so. 

Step 3: If cling film has been used as a mould, cut into small to medium pieces. Adding one piece per mug, pour a shot of whisky over and add hot water. Stir to combine.


Whisky and Orange Hot Chocolate

A rich and divine delight for those with a sweet tooth. This creamy concoction with hints of orange zest will have you wanting more.


236ml of milk

Zest of two oranges

¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

100g of chocolate, chopped

2 tablespoons of sugar

80ml of water

1 shot of whiskey


Step 1: Combine milk, zest and cinnamon in a pan and heat on low until simmering.

Step 2: Slowly stir in the pieces of chocolate in small batches, stir until completely melted. Add sugar and continue to stir until it has dissolved. 

Step 3: Bring to the boil and remove from heat. Add whisky, but be warned this can cause the chocolate to split, so do be careful. 

Step 4: Serve and sip with cream if desired. 


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