How Far Down Should You Smoke A Cigar?

This is always a touchy and hotly debated topic when it comes to smoking cigars: how far down are you actually supposed to smoke?

Quite often a hotly debated topic when it comes to smoking cigars, we delve into the age-old question, “how far down should you smoke a cigar?”

There are many unwritten rules when it comes to your fine cigar; we have heard that you shouldn’t smoke more than half of the cigar, which is downright wasteful! Another common rule is that you should place your cigar down when three finger-widths are left and let it burn out naturally. Another unspoken assumption is that you should stop enjoying your stogie as soon as it hits the cigar band.

Cigar rules may only be enforced if you smoke around real cigar aficionados because they can sometimes be the people who care more about arbitrary and rather questionable rules on etiquette than they do about savouring the moment with friends and fine cigars. This isn’t always the case, but as with most things, if you are around experts in the field then you should be prepared to act in the same manner.

Are There Rules To Smoking Cigars?

When it comes to smoking a cigar, we think there would be a universal agreement that very few people would choose to spend their hard-earned money on something just to throw half of it away! The truth of the matter is there are no real rules per se, it just comes down to personal preference and the individual cigar you are smoking.

Some cigars will start to get hot and harsh well before you reach the nub – it’s those cigars you might want to abandon before you get even halfway. On the other hand, there are others that taste fantastic right to the very end, making it more than worth your while to perhaps burn your fingers and savour that last draw. Through time, along with trial and error, you’ll know which cigars taste great to the very end and which ones are better to not smoke all the way through.

See Your Cigar Differently

Think of your cigar in three parts, like so:

  • The first part is warming up the cigar, where you will be burning off any unwanted flavours from the match or butane torch and the flavours will begin to develop.
  • The second third will normally be the best-tasting part of your smoke, where the draw will be at its optimum and you will be picking up a variety of flavour profiles.
  • Finally, you will come to the final third, and this is when you may experience unwanted flavours which are normally caused by the build-up of oils and tars from the tobacco. This is when you can purge the cigar to see if the enjoyable flavours you experienced earlier will return.

To blow out the cigar, you essentially blow backwards on the cigar while holding it over the top of a flame. The cigar will actually catch on fire if you are doing it right and if you blow out until there is no more flame you will have burnt out all of the bitter oils that have built up.

If those enjoyable flavours do return you can use a cigar holder or roach clip to enjoy that cigar right down to the nub!

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