Introducing the New Davidoff Travel Humidor

Davidoff travel humidor

Whether you’re climbing a mountain, crossing the city during your commute, or catching a plane; your cigars go with you, preferably in perfect condition. Through the innovations of Davidoff and Marcello Bottino, cigar travel has truly changed.

The new Davidoff travel humidor was first presented to the public at the IPCPR 2017 event, but thankfully Davidoff has officially released their new travel humidor, so we don’t have to wait that long for it! We think it is a winner and an incredibly stylish, contemporary approach to our mobile cigar storage needs.

For the design, Davidoff partnered up with the Italian designer Marcello Bottino for his expertise in various cloth-binding and welding techniques. The result, a beautiful symphony between function and design.

The initial striking feature one notices upon looking over the humidor would be the fact it has been created with fabric, as opposed to the usual materials for a travel humidor like ballistic plastics, thick leather and wood. Marcello achieved this relationship between style and function by utilising a unique fabric welding/laminating technique, combined with an engineered folding opening that is magnetically secured. This adaptation has allowed the humidor to keep a low profile on your person while retaining strength and the ability to keep cigars fresh for up to three weeks.

Commenting on the new travel humidor, Charles Awad, Senior Vice President of Oettinger Davidoff AG, stated: “Many aficionados have been expressing the needs for a more stylish way to travel with their cigars than the practical cigar box. To address this, we have reinvented the travel humidor in collaboration with Marcello Bottino, an Italian designer and craftsman who helped us engineer this stylish accessory for optimal cigar care. The choice of materials had to be fully compatible with cigars, the technology enabling the humidity to be locked inside the humidor, the protection of the cigars – these are all the challenges we presented to Marcello Bottino. With his never-ending enthusiasm for new technologies, research, development and vision, Marcello has been the perfect partner.”

Some of the critical features boasted by Davidoff’s travel humidor include a sleek modern design. The humidor is as much at home in the commuter’s laptop bag as it is stowed in the top flap of the mountaineer’s rucksack, the slim design, alpinist weight (1.5lbs) and minimalist aesthetic appeal to the more style and space conscious generations.

The travel humidor incorporates the new ‘smart tray’ which uses a pliable wave-like design that can contort and adapt to any ring gauge of any stogie, ensuring you never have to pack it too tight or have cigars rattling around.

The secure magnetic seal of the unit holds the humidity for up to three weeks, which is an astonishingly long time for such a compact travel humidor. The humidor contains the thinnest humidification system in the entire industry which releases a slow and constant humidity to keep your favourite stogies in a stable environment without sacrificing space or design. These Italian-made humidors are offered in Denim, Canvas and Wool and all measure a mere 11.8 inches wide, 12.2 inches in length and 1.8 inches in thickness. If you think that was enough, they have even miraculously left enough space for storing your cigar lighter and cigar cutter.

We absolutely love Davidoff’s new travel humidor and cannot wait to get them in stock; we will announce when they arrive. If you cannot wait to buy cigar humidors, take a look at what we have in stock now!

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