Pairing cigars with beer

Buy cigars online to try out some delicious pairings with beer

Though the traditional drink to pair a stogie with is a nice strong whiskey, the growing interest in beer, especially craft beer, has meant that beer and cigar pairings are becoming more and more common. More varieties of craft beer are popping up every year, meaning that there are a wide range of flavours out there that can be matched with different kinds of cigar.

Like all things concerning flavour, a good cigar and beer pairing is completely subjective; while one person may swear by a certain pairing, it may not appeal to someone else at all. The key thing when you’re first starting out with beer and cigar pairings is to experiment and find out what works for you and your palate, trying out different flavour combinations.

If there are any rules to stick to when trying out pairings, arguably it is to try to match the type of cigar with the type of beer. Many smokers will agree that milder cigars pair better with lighter beers, whereas more full-bodied smoke work better with heavier beers, ales or stouts, in order to prevent one element of the pairing from overpowering the other.

If you already know your beers, finding a great pairing should be quite simple. For instance, a stout with hints of chocolate and espresso could easily be matched with a cigar that has similar flavours.

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Image: Stefan Johansson, available under Creative Commons

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