Cigar Review: Partagas Serie D No.4

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Looking for a cigar to buy, but don’t know which to choose? Each month we smoke a cigar from our humidor at Havana House and review our experience with it! Maybe it will inspire you to try it too!

About the Partagas Serie D No.4

Owner: Habanos S.A.
Factory: Habanos S.A.
Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Strength: Medium to Full
Size: Robusto (Parejo) 4 7/8″ by 50 ring gauge

The Partagas Serie D No.4 is a cigar that needs no introduction among fans of Cuban cigars. It is a true ambassador of everything a cigar should offer you and every year this cigar delivers.

The Beginning

You can immediately tell this will be a good cigar. Things can change, but the starting flavours are a deep caramel sweetness. A rich nuttiness backs it up and cream begins to unfold on the draw.

The cigar is ultra smooth. The aroma is sweet and borderline intoxicating… D no.4 you’ve charmed me.

The Middle

A lovely floral note has arrived and it’s most present on the retrohale. Still getting plenty of cream, some sweet tobacco, toasted nuts, cedar, and now a little coffee as well. The body remains at a solid medium with layers of strength.

It’s a delicious smoke and I don’t want to put it down. Phone on airplane mode.

The End

The floral notes have stepped up substantially. The cigar fills the room with rich smoke. The sweetness has dialled back. Still getting nuttiness, cedar and coffee tones. How much longer can I hold this cigar without burning my fingers!


After the original lighting, it was such a steady burn. Beautiful and even, an equilibrium of tobacco blending.


You do have to be careful picking a Cuban cigar out the box, most are perfectly good but you do get the odd cigar that isn’t up to the high standards that we all have as cigar smokers.

I picked this cigar out of a box of 25 and it was all good, we do the same for anyone that orders on our website or in-store. The draw had the perfect restriction on it so that you know you’re smoking a cigar. I approve!


This is a beautiful beast of a cigar. The first third is excellent, and immediately signals that you are in for a treat, and the rest of the cigar does not disappoint.

The cigar has a lovely almost linear flavour profile that provides variations on a Cuban theme. The rich, dark flavour with hints of sweetness sit so well on the palate. A complete box ticker of a cigar. I’d like another one please.

Ross Rating:  9 out of 10

Cigar Pairing Idea

What alcoholic drink would I pair it with? I think that the Partagas Serie D No.4 goes perfectly with the Dalmore Cigar Malt the complexity of the Scotch resonates with the cigar and they bring out the best in each other.

What soft drink would I pair it with? A & W Root beer

Would I smoke this again? I smoke around a box a year of the D No.4 and I can’t see that changing.

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