The Re-Release of Davidoff Cigars


Davidoff cigars logoFor years, Davidoff have been huge cigar brand across continental Europe, the Middle East and, of course, the United States. In some areas of the world, Davidoff cigars are respected to the same level that Cuban cigars are here in the UK. According to the brand themselves this is due to their philosophy. Zino Davidoff always believed in the importance of time. Taking precious time to craft an exceptional cigar, and equally taking time to enjoy that cigar.

In their single-minded pursuit to create only the very best cigars, Davidoff has made a huge impact across the globe. The UK, however, has never been a huge market for Davidoff. This has led to the grand re-release of Davidoff in Britain as the leader of premium cigars.

Last night several members of the Havana House team, from our stores across the country and our web department, were invited to St James’ Overseas House. to experience a night to remember. Over 100 cigar enthusiasts attended from managers at cigar lounges, chairmen of cigar clubs, leading cigar entrepreneurs and even some of the figureheads of Davidoff itself.

We asked some of our staff members to write about their evening.

Harry from Havana House Hove:

“Davidoff is one of those names which, like Dom Perignon or Rolls Royce, bring to mind exquisite quality and simple elegance but until last night it was a brand I had had little experience of. So it was with immense excitement that I joined the ranks of the privileged few to attend Davidoff’s UK Launch event on Thursday evening. Set in the rarefied surroundings of St James’ Over Seas House we were treated to a wonderful evening of exquisite canapés, beautiful wine, spirits and company. But of course the main reason for the gathering was to try some tip-top cigars!
I began with the 702 Series Special R, a new release from Davidoff’s Classic Line. This is definitely an elegant smoke though perhaps a little on the light side for my tastes. The cigar revealed a lot of citrus top notes and an almost grassy freshness that was both pleasant and quite unusual. I think this one would be more suited to an indoor environment where one could truly get to grips with the subtleties that the blend showcases but nether the less a great way to start the evening.
Swiftly on the 702’s heels I lit up the long anticipated Davidoff Yamasa Piramides. This cigar is fascinating as the tobacco is grown in a region of the Dominican Republic that has taken 20 years of careful cultivation to produce this unique leaf. The Yamasa is full bodied and complex, demanding your attention from the first puff to the last. I particularly enjoyed the construction; the draw was a little firmer than other Davidoffs I’ve tried and the long torpedo was elegant and comfortable in the mouth.
Finally I cut and lit up a Winston Churchill Petit Corona. This was my favourite cigar of the day perfectly capturing the middle-ground between the light Classic Line and the bolder Discovery Series this medium smoke was quite simply delicious! Great complexity secured by a firm foundation of sweet Dominican ligero. A beautiful way to end a great evening…”

Hadrian from Havana House Hove:

I attended an enjoyable reception hosted by Davidoff at the Royal Overseas League off St James’s in London. With a view across Green Park in the springtime twilight and a wide range of drinks, cigars, and canapes, the hosts gave their guests an evening of, as their motto has it, “time beautifully filled.” Their aim was to relaunch their premium cigar brand in the UK. Cuban cigars dominate the premium market in this country, and while Davidoff’s Dominican cigars enjoy a loyal following here, the brand has found it a challenge to increase market share since moving production from Cuba in the late 1980s. A British cigar smoker will reminisce about the glories of the old Cuban Davidoffs, but when splashing out on a special cigar more often than not he will plump for a Habano as the surer bet against a Dominican Davidoff of a comparable size and price. The two cigars I tried, a Special R and a Yamasa Piramides, offered contrasting experiences. The Special R, which I smoked with Champagne, was to my palate about medium in strength, with a complexity and refinement that called to mind some of the finer light-medium Habanos. The Yamasa, which I smoked with a rum-and-mango cocktail – a somewhat iffy pairing -, was fuller but rather tight on the draw, and by the time it opened up my laboured puffing had rendered the cigar bitter.  Aficionados of Davidoff enthuse about their construction but in my experience it is no better than that of most Habanos, although certainly no worse – in fact there are several Dominican and Nicaraguan brands that are better rolled than either Davidoff or the Habanos. Davidoff are experimenting with different seeds, soils, and techniques, and while on my limited evidence I can’t say these experiments have borne fruit yet, I wish them every success and should be happy to smoke a Special R again.”
Overall, it was a satisfying evening in an excellent venue. We wouldn’t turn down an invitation to go to the next Davidoff event. After all, who can say no to a night of drinks, good company and cigars?

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