Sit back, relax and watch these cigar videos

With the wet weather hammering down it’s the perfect time to visit Havana House and buy cigars online, we suggest lighting up your cigar and relaxing whilst enjoying the cigar videos below.  

We have trawled the web and found what we think are some of the most informative, interesting and fun cigar videos so you don’t have to.

First up, take a look at 8 of the most expensive cigars, do you think they we would be worth the mind-blowing price tags?


This video shows how to roll a cigar in the old world style, the go to method prior to the industrial revolution. You could always try and roll your own!


The video below is insightful and informative video that shares useful tips for new cigar smokers as well as those who consider themselves to be aficionados.


We’ve all been there… Saving a few premium cigars to smoke at a special time in the future, and when that time comes your excitement turns to disappointment as you realise they have dried out. You needn’t fret, watch this video on how to re-hydrate your cigars.


For those who are new to the world of cigar smoking we recommend watching the video below as it details the top 10 mistakes cigar smokers make, meaning you won’t ruin any of the cigars you have bought.


Have a great week and don’t forget to fire up your favourite cigar one evening and relax whilst watching these videos.


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