6 Thin Ring Cigars to Try

A hand holding a thin cigar

For several years now, big cigars have been considered the most desirable for consumers. We’ve seen ring gauge sizes go up and up, to the point that nowadays, some cigars are so big that they can’t even fit in certain cigar cutters!

Although we’re sure the trend for big ring gauges won’t be going away any time soon, sometimes a larger smoke isn’t what you need. If you’re a bit strapped for time, or would like to enjoy a quality Cuban cigar without needing to spend an entire evening smoking it, then thinner cigars can be the answer.

We share a few of our favourite thin ring cigars that we have available here at Havana House for you to try.

Montecristo Joyitas

Size: Laguito No.3 (4 1/2” x 26)

One of the smallest cigars we have on offer here at Havana House, the Montecristo Joyitas, is a very thin cigar, featuring a 26 ring gauge. It is quite a light-bodied cigar that smokes smoothly, offering hints of leather and bitter wood.

This is the perfect choice for a quicker afternoon smoke or when you don’t have too much time, as it is mild, fairly small and offers a reliable draw, meaning you won’t have to waste time relighting and resolving draw problems.

Cohiba Panetelas

Size: Laguito No.3 (4 1/2” x 26)

Another cigar in the vitola Laguito No. 3, the Cohiba Panetelas cigar measures 4 ½ inches x 26 ring gauge. Despite being small, this cigar is as rich and full as others in the Cohiba range.

This cigar has a history as rich as its flavour too! The Cohiba Panetelas was created in 1969 and was only made available to the top Cuban officials and those who received them as a diplomatic gift.

Davidoff Signature No. 2

Size: Panetela (6” x 38)

Despite having a smaller ring gauge than many cigars currently on the market, the Davidoff Signature No. 2 cigar remains a solid favourite for many – including the brand founder, Zino Davidoff!

It offers a mild strength, with earthy and woody notes, for a classic cigar smoking experience.

Davidoff 702 Series No.2

Size: Panetela (6” x 38)

Another Panetela cigar from Davidoff, the 702 Series No.2 cigar offers a medium-full bodied smoke, despite its smaller stature.

The cigar offers earthy notes, with sweeter hints of honey and hay. There are many subtle flavours and aromas packed into this smaller smoke.

H. Upmann Coronas Minors Tubos

Size: Coronitas (4 5/8” x 40)

In the past, a 40 ring gauge would have been considered fairly big for a cigar, but now, in a world of 64 ring gauges being quite commonplace, this cigar is now thought of as ‘small’.

While H. Upmann cigars are usually renowned for their bold, punchy flavour, the Coronas Minors cigar offers a much lighter alternative for those who would like to sample H. Upmann without the intensity. This mild cigar instead presents lighter floral and fruity notes throughout the tobacco.

Punch Petit Coronations Tubos

Size: Coronitas (4 5/8” x 40)

The Punch Petit comes in the Coronitas size, and as the petit name suggests, it is smaller than many of the other cigars in the Punch range.

This is a mild-medium cigar with woody tones and fruity notes. Its pleasant flavour is ideal for newbies to cigar smoking and experienced aficionados alike.

Are there any cigars with smaller ring gauges you enjoy? Drop us a comment below or on our Facebook page to let us know!

If thin ring cigars aren’t your type, then we have a vast range of cigars online available for you to check out!

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