How to Throw a Cigar Tasting Party

A cigar, cutter, lighter and glass of whisky

When you are a cigar lover, it is more than likely that some of your friends will also enjoy a stogie or two now and then. What better way to spend time together than by hosting a cigar tasting party, complete with some food, drink, and above all else, smoking!? Here is our guide to hosting the perfect party for cigar aficionados.


The main reason you are gathering together is to sample some stogies, so of course, you cannot forget the cigars! You could consider buying a box of cigars for your guests to try. However, as this is a tasting party, more than one type of cigar will be required, so encourage your guests to bring along a box to share each themselves. This will hopefully allow for a wide range of flavours and intensities to be explored. Once you know which cigars have been bought, order the smoking schedule in accordance to their strength, starting with the mildest stick you have and ending with the strongest. This will ensure that you get the full potential of each cigar, avoiding overpowering the flavours.



It is no secret that Scotch and whiskey can be a little pricey, so don’t be afraid to ask your friends to chip in a little, or bring a bottle to sample themselves. Alternatively, if you each have different drink preferences, then a bring your own booze policy can work well. This is especially useful if half of you are happy drinking from a tin, while the others will only sip the finest of whiskies!



No party is complete without some nibbles, at the least, even if it is predominantly a cigar-themed occasion! Of course, with cigars playing the leading role of the event, the food shouldn’t take the forefront, and it is best to avoid overwhelming flavours, so the real stars of the show are not overpowered. Picking some light snacks which can double as palate cleansers can be a great way to go, with cheese and crackers making a perfect option. Alternatively, serve up things that will bring out subtler flavours such as salty pretzels or crisps. Think about pairings; if you have mild cigars, opt for lighter, plain snacks, whereas a stronger stogie can handle being paired with something a little more flavourful.


Setting up

You can’t smoke a cigar without first cutting it and lighting it, so make sure you have all the accessories needed to hand for anyone who hasn’t brought along their own. It’s time to show off your lighter collection, placing a few around the room for easy access. Ensure that there are enough ashtrays dotted around the room, as we all know that cigars can make a bit of a mess if left to burn! It may even be an idea to go a little fancier, and traditional, with your lighting equipment, trading in your lighter for cedar spills or long cigar matches. As summer approaches, the weather will (hopefully) be getting better, meaning that you can even host the party outside in the garden.


What cigars would you bring along to a cigar tasting party? Let us know in the comments below.

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