4 Tips for Smoking Stronger Cigars

man smoking a cigar inside

A strong cigar is an appealing prospect to many cigar smokers, but the step up from milder smokes can prove too much for some.

All cigar smokers deserve to be able to enjoy the punchy flavour, body and aroma of a stronger smoke. So, to help you get started on a bolder stogie, we have put together some top tips for smoking stronger cigars.


What is Strength in a Cigar?

When we describe a cigar as being strong, we are talking about the nicotine content.

Cigars can have different strengths depending on the leaves from the tobacco plant that are used to roll the cigar.

The strength of a cigar can have an impact on things like flavour and mouthfeel. While it’s not a set rule, often you may find that stronger cigars have a more intense flavour. This is because the tobacco leaves that contain the most nicotine are also the most flavourful!

Remember that the average cigar contains the same amount of tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes, so when you’re dealing with a strong smoke, you are intaking a lot of nicotine.

As such, if you smoke too fast or without listening to your body, you may end up feeling nauseous or with nicotine sickness. However, by following our tips, you can avoid this and enjoy a buzz from your stronger cigar instead.


Smoke Slowly

Nicotine doesn’t kick in straight away; it can take a few minutes to feel the full effects of it. That’s why smoking slowly is very important with a stronger cigar, as it allows your body time to absorb the nicotine. That way, you can tell when you’ve had enough and need to stop.

If you smoke fast, then you may not realise how much nicotine you’ve had until you’ve smoked a fair amount of the cigar. By that point, you could start feeling dizzy or sick from having too much.

Rest your cigar on an ashtray for a minute between puffs to allow your body to catch up.


Eat Before You Smoke

Having an empty stomach makes the nicotine’s effects stronger and can lead to feeling sick. Make sure you have a full stomach before you try to smoke a stronger cigar.


Have Something Sugary

If you feel ill from smoking something a bit too strong, then you need to eat something sugary. Try a square of chocolate or a spoonful of sugar to help reduce the effects of the nicotine. It may take a minute to work, but it will certainly help get you back on track!


Use a Straight or Guillotine Cutter

When you use a punch or V-cutter on your cigar, it can create a more concentrated draw, which can increase the intensity of your smoke. If you’re smoking a stronger cigar, then you may want to use a straight or guillotine cutter, which will open up the cigar a little more for a cooler draw that will bring less intensity.


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