Top 7 Travel Destinations for Cigar Lovers

Travel Destinations for Cigar Lovers: A green car driving on a street in Havana

Whether you want to enjoy a cigar under the summer sun, head somewhere that you can smoke in peace in public, without fear of smoking bans, or find yourself some bargain stogies, there are plenty of holiday destinations for the cigar fanatic to visit!


Something of a given when it comes to countries linked to cigars, Cuba is often seen as the home of cigars, and these smokes are certainly an integral part of the country’s rich culture.

When visiting the island, the cigar lover could enjoy a tour of some of the legendary cigar factories or pay a visit to the impressive tobacco plantations; all while enjoying delicious Cuban cigars, straight from the source!

It’s not all about cigars though; make sure you take time to relax in the tropical sun with a good glass of Havana Club rum and appreciate the gorgeous scenery of this location.


While perhaps not the first place you’d think of when considering a cigar-related getaway, Switzerland is on this list for good reason. Switzerland is actually a key player in the cigar industry, with the headquarters for Davidoff and Villiger both located here.

Most of the cigars will be outsourced to Dominican tobacco plantations, but the finished products are sent via Switzerland for approval and taste-testing, so you may be able to get your hands on a few great smokes here.

Switzerland is also renowned for its delicious chocolate, so why not take the chance to experiment with pairings, by trying to match the incredible flavours of the cigars with these treats.

Dominican Republic

Another big player in the cigar industry, the Dominican Republic is home to a huge selection of cigar factories and tobacco plantations. A visit to this sunny spot will reward you with a wide range of tobacco-related activities.

As well as being able to enjoy a stogie while surrounded by panoramic sea views, you’ll also be able to take trips to the plantations and factories to get a great insight into how your favourite smokes get produced.


Miami is already one of the most popular spots within the US for those on the hunt for a sunny getaway, but the area provides even more for those who like to smoke cigars. Home to El Credito Cigar Factory, the oldest cigar factory in the US, Miami is the perfect place for sun, sea and smoking!

Miami is also an ideal location for those who love the nightlife, as the vibrant city is packed with nightclubs, bars and restaurants, allowing you to enjoy your tipple of choice alongside your smoke!


For cigar smokers that don’t want to make the trip across the pond, France is a great holiday destination for cigar smokers a little closer to home.

France is the home of Quai d’Orsay cigars, a brand that was created with the French market in mind, but hand rolled over in Cuba. You’ll be able to find plenty of Quai d’Orsay cigars to try when visiting France, as the brand is less well known in the UK.

Head down to the south coast to relax on the French Riviera with a cigar in hand or take a trip to Paris and immerse yourself in the culture of the capital. If you choose Paris, you can pay a visit to A la Civette du Palais-Royal, the oldest cigar store in the city, which was said to be frequented by Napoleon!


In the cigar world, Nicaragua is known as one of the most fertile places on earth for growing tobacco. However, it has much more to offer visitors than just its nutritious soil; explore the rocky slopes of Cerro Negro, one of Nicaragua’s largest volcanoes or relish an afternoon of sunbathing on one of many gorgeous white beaches.

If you fancy something a little more exciting, why not take a trip to Esteli Cigarros, a popular hotspot where cigar lovers can traverse the thriving tobacco fields and enjoy a local factory tour?

For the ultimate cigar experience, head to Plasencia Cigars and discover how some of the world’s most famous cigars from Alec Bradley, Casa Magna and Rocky Patel are made. While visiting, you may even have the opportunity to create your own blend – what more could you ask for?!


The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau is home to Graycliff cigars, which offers one of the best cigar-related travel experiences. As well as producing cigars, Graycliff run their own hotel, where they offer a range of cigar-related activities, such as cigar rolling lessons, demonstrations and rum tasting sessions!

The island is rich in culture, and you’ll be able to sample some delicious local cuisine here as you explore the city or relax on the white stretches of sand that frame the area.

Have you got any other suggestions when it comes to top travel destinations for cigar lovers? If so, we’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below with your dream cigar getaway location or a recommendation for a place to go!

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