Cigar Questions Answered: How to Blow Smoke Rings

Smoke rings from cigars

We’ve taken a look at some of your most frequently asked questions regarding cigars on Google, and we’re here to answer them. As a smoker, at some point you’ve probably tried to blow a smoke ring. Many of us have never done it, but have dreamed of the day we can. Maybe you’ve managed it once or twice but aren’t quite sure how, or maybe you’re a pro at them (but why would you be reading this then!?). Either way, if you’re looking to impress with a smokey sculpture then read on.

Before you begin:

First things first, before you attempt some ring making, you will, of course, need a cigar. While, technically, you can make a ring with any cigar if you try hard enough, to make things easier on yourself you should choose a cigar that produces dense smoke. It’s best if you use a cigar that has quite tightly packed tobacco. If you use a lighter cigar, the smoke that comes off it may be too wispy to come together and form a magnificent ring shape once it leaves your mouth.

As important as the type of cigar you smoke is the place you decide to smoke it. With the smoke ring being so delicate and airy, it’s no good trying to make one and expecting it to stay in shape if you are stood out in a gale. The calmer the airflow is, the more chance your ring will have at sticking around for you to marvel in its glory.

Once you have the right conditions, it’s time to get practising:

Step 1:

Making sure that the cigar is entirely lit at the end, so you can draw more easily, begin to smoke normally a couple of times to ensure that you are getting the most smoke you can through the cigar. Draw out a deep puff of smoke, and let it rest in your mouth.

 Step 2:

Next, use your tongue to block off your throat, by pulling it slightly back, so that the smoke is just held in between your lips and tongue.

 Step 3:

Then it’s time for your mouth to move. Open up, turning your lips into an ‘O’ shape. Do this slowly, otherwise the smoke will start to escape from your mouth too fast to form a shape. You need to properly open your mouth, moving your jaw so your teeth aren’t blocking the way. This means no pouting or fish-face mouths; make a proper open ‘O’ shape!

 Step 4:

This is where things get a little tricky, and the only way to improve is to practice. The term blowing a smoke ring can be misleading and will lead to the downfall of many smokers attempting it. While you may think that the way to create a ring is to exhale, this will not work. In fact, quite a different action is required to achieve the desired ring shape that so many seek to produce. Pull your tongue as far back as you can, with the tip of your tongue curled down. Then use your tongue to gently catapult the smoke out of your mouth. Keep it calm and in short bursts, and you’ll be sure to get smoke rings popping out of your mouth. Remember: practice makes perfect!

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