A Gentleman’s Christmas: Best Pipes for Christmas

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Christmas lights are starting to brighten up the dark skies, and our hats and scarves are out for good; the festive period has officially begun! In this chilly weather there isn’t much we enjoy more than cosying up by the fire with our favourite pipe, so why not gift one to your favourite people? You don’t have to worry about beating the Christmas rush, or what to buy, as we have compiled a list of the very best pipes for you to buy this festive season!

Peterson Calabash Pipe- Smooth

Calabash PipeFor those who are just starting out:

With a smooth, polished finish, this calabash pipe will make a beautiful addition to any pipe collection. This pipe is relatively inexpensive, yet is one of the most distinctive and recognisable pipe types, making it an excellent choice for a Christmas gift. At a slightly smaller size than other types of pipe available, these Peterson pipes are ideal for those regularly on the go, as they are perfectly pocket-sized. The small bore size also makes it the perfect pipe for people who do not regularly pick up the pipe.



Hauser Bavarian Longpipe

Bavarian Pipe

For those who love history:

Originating from the Solingen region of Germany, these porcelain pipes have been made in this fashion since the 1700s, acting as the main competitor to the clay pipes. Bavaria was responsible for tobacco imports at that time, and so the industry grew, making the region renowned for their tobacco products and pipes. These pipes would be an incredible addition to any pipe collection and may prove particularly interesting to those fascinated by the history behind pipe-smoking.





Peterson Sherlock Holmes- Original

Sherlock Holmes PipeFor those who are fans of Sherlock Holmes:

The instantly recognisable pipe from Conan Doyle’s infamous detective, the Sherlock Holmes pipe is always a hit with pipe lovers old and new. Made from Briarwood, specially selected for these pipes, which is one of the most popular forms of pipe sold in recent years. This wood, in particular, is chosen as it is more resistant to fire and can absorb moisture; two great qualities for a pipe! The Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipe also features a sterling silver band and an extra-large bowl, making it a great choice for people who like to take their time and enjoy the whole experience of pipe-smoking. If you know someone who’s a big fan of the consulting detective, this would be an inventive idea for their Christmas pressie this year.


Dunhill White Spot Zodiac Chestnut 2017 Year of the Rooster Pipe

Dunhill PipeFor those who collect:

The tenth pipe in a special series by Dunhill, celebrating the Chinese Zodiac signs. This year, the honour goes to The Year of the Rooster Pipe. A classic Billiard, with the option of either a Chestnut or Cumberland finish, featuring a tapered mouthpiece, and of course, that famous White Spot. The sterling silver band is beautifully engraved with the rooster Zodiac sign. To keep the pipe in excellent condition, an exclusive soft leather case is provided, presenting the pipe in a stylish way, which will make an incredible looking gift. While normal releases of such pipes allow for 288 pieces in each finish, the Chinese superstitions regarding the number ‘4’ (which stands for death), mean that all pipes with that number have been omitted. Therefore, there are only actually 231 pipes available for sale, so be sure to get one of these limited edition pipes before they run out! What better way to commemorate this year before it ends.



If you’re looking for more present ideas, check out Havana House for the best pipe Christmas presents that you can buy this year. If you know someone who prefers a cigar over a pipe, be sure to take a look at our top cigar choices for Christmas.

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