An Insight into Six Historic Cigar Smokers

Winston Churchill, smoking a cigar.

The world is full of fantastic comedians, leaders, inventors and truth seekers, in this feature, we take a look at and celebrate some of the greatest cigar smokers of all time, with some interesting trivia about them and their smoking habits.



Winston Churchill

Churchill will always be remembered as one of the finest prime ministers in the UK Parliament, having run during one of the most significant military events of all time. He didn’t compromise for anything other than victory, and fine cigars, of course! He often indulged in ten cigars a day and was known to bite the end of his stogie’s off, rather than using a cigar cutter. Between his fantastic campaigns and a serious sense of humour, it’s easy to tell why there is a cigar named after him.


Groucho Marx

Marx has got to be one of the greatest comedic minds to have ever lived; that grease-painted fake moustache, thick glasses and trademark cigar have been forever etched into our consciousness and found in every joke shops’ counter, globally. Marx’ wife found his smoking habit so revolting that she ordered him to extinguish it or get out and find a new wife! Groucho ended up having three different women in his lifetime and divorced all of them, so we can gather how that argument turned out.


Alfred Hitchcock

The master of suspense; famed for being one of America’s greatest directors, creating such masterpieces as Psycho, The Bird and Vertigo. Not only was he a superb director, he was one of the earliest film directors to make himself known as a public figure. Hitchcock would also appear in his films, often speaking directly to the audience or playing cameo roles. Part of his impression on the audience was his wardrobe which included the bowler hat and cigar that he would excessively puff to create large billows of smoke.


Thomas Edison

Edison was a revolutionary inventor; we can thank him for lots of the luxuries we enjoy today. While working on his inventions, Edison was known to smoke a stogie or two. Some interesting trivia for you; Edison got so sick of cigars going missing from his work station that he became renowned for planting cigars entirely rolled from sawdust, leaving them in his drawer so any unsuspecting lab assistant who was pilfering his supplies would receive a nasty shock (excuse the pun) to the system.


Clint Eastwood

Regarding masculinity in cinema, he was the original; his roles in great westerns and movies such as Dirty Harry concreted his status as a bit of a badass in everyone’s mind. Surprisingly, Eastwood didn’t actually enjoy lighting up a stogie, yet that didn’t stop him doing it and making it look very cool! The Dollars trilogy peaked his cigar smoking characteristic, where he would cut long cigars into little cheroots for his character to smoke.


Orson Welles

At only 25 he directed and starred in his movie, Citizen Kane; to some, this is considered one of the finest films ever executed. He directed many other classic films in his time, Touch of Evil, The Magnificent Ambersons and F is for Fake. He was known to intentionally create cigar-smoking characters into his movies as he loved nothing more than igniting a good stogie himself. Welles lavished in the good life; for starters he was with Rita Hayworth for the longest period anyone had been with her. He loved Champagne, cigars and beautiful woman. When Rita finally divorced him in 1948, she said, “I can’t take his genius anymore.” Even during a divorce, the man still comes off cool.

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