Brand New Cigar Releases from Davidoff

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Davidoff, a brand known for quality, style and great cigars is continuing to promote and push their exclusive collections. This month (April), they will be releasing nine exclusive editions of cigars that are only available in specific countries around the world. The series allows a more tailored approach to cigar production, giving Davidoff the chance to produce cigars that cater to the specific tastes of countries and regions.

In addition to the cigars being tailored in flavour, they also come in custom made white lacquered boxes with detailed gold foiling. These unique boxes are pitched as collections for aficionados, having been handmade by Davidoff Master Blenders. The cigars have been produced in a Robusto 52 x 5 format and all are made with complex multi-origin blends including tobaccos from Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

For 2019, the editions being released are:

Davidoff Exclusive Dubai: 400 boxes – Dubai travel retail and domestic only;

Davidoff Exclusive Hong Kong: 600 boxes – Hong Kong travel retail and domestic only;

Davidoff Exclusive Barcelona: 300 boxes – Barcelona, Spain domestic only;

Davidoff Exclusive Madrid: 300 boxes – Madrid, Spain domestic only;

Davidoff Exclusive Winzer Selektion: 300 boxes – Austria domestic only;

Davidoff Exclusive The China Whisky Association: 300 boxes – Asia domestic only;

Davidoff Ambassador Exclusive: 500 boxes – German domestic at Davidoff Ambassador accounts only;

Davidoff Exclusive Maxamar Cigars – White Knight Edition: 400 boxes – Maxamar Cigars, US, only;

Davidoff Exclusive The Tobacconist of Greenwich – JGL 45 Years: 300 boxes – The Tobaccos of Greenwich, US, only.

The designs of the cigars range from region to region, which makes them a more desirable collectors product. Box designs include regional landmarks that are relevant to the region in which they are being distributed, for example, Dubai’s box showcases a city skyline featuring the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab hotel. The cigars will also feature an additional presentation ring specific to the partner.

For investors and collectors that aren’t lucky enough to be based in these countries, you may be able to get your hands on a box. You could either import them from the retail stores after buying them online or by travelling to a particular location and bringing the box back in your possession; it just depends how dedicated you are to getting your hands on these fine cigars!

Davidoff has had an exciting start to the year, having just announced (March 2019) the release of a new line of limited edition cigars called Robusto Real Especiales 7. These cigars have been blended using 7 different tobaccos which are also used in their other lines such as Signature and Millenium. Again, focusing on providing a fantastic cigar experience, the vitolas come in a nicely presented wooden box with 10 smokes in each. These cigars come in a Robusto 48 x 5 ½ format and deliver a balanced yet earthy flavour with a taste of walnut on the tongue. Davidoff is having a superb year and we can’t wait to see what they have in the pipeline for the remainder of 2019!

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