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Some of us forget how lucky we are, leisurely sat here deciding which cigar to choose next. There is a large portion of society who are just embarking on their cigar journey.

Just looking at the selection of thousands of cigars online must be daunting as is staring at the many on display at their local tobacconist through that glass topped humidor or entering the unfamiliar territory of a walk-in humidor surrounded by all the shapes and sizes imaginable, but with these places comes experienced cigar smokers with ample advice.


As a beginner smoker, you will most likely be pointed into the direction of something calm and mild, perhaps a Romeo Y Julieta or Punch cigar. Both fantastic choices for a beginner, you wouldn’t begin to cook by trying to follow a Michelin star recipe.


One of the joys that comes from cigar smoking is it falls in line with many a pass time in the sense you have to start at the beginning and move up the learning curve.


Mild cigars are seen as best for beginners; helping develop the most important aspect of cigar smoke which is developing the appreciation for good flavour.


It won’t over power the senses (as long as you do not inhale) If you are  a cigarette smoker, this element might seem very obscure, but cigar smoke is to be cradled in the mouth and tasted, the nicotine is absorbed through the nasal and mouth membranes and this also keeps the lungs clear.


Don’t be fooled by the word mild; there is nothing bland when it comes to flavour. As you develop, it is likely you will drift towards more full-bodied cigars, this is a natural desire that comes with experience. Strength is just one component that makes up a  cigar, and in our opinion, the flavour is far more superior than strength. Just remember, mild doesn’t mean bland.


A little bit about the materials, Connecticut wrappers are widely used as a mild wrapper as it has such a sweet aroma, you could step up a couple of shades darker and go for an Ecuadorian Connecticut which is a little stronger. Corojo is a little darker still, nice and spicy, peppery and a very robust flavour, favoured by many a cigar aikido


Habano holds a very similar colour to Corojo; as well as producing a spicy flavour it often dense with nicotine, so often overwhelms the beginner. Then there is the Maduro, a very rich dark sometimes ebony coloured leaf; these often defy their ominous looks, they are rather sweet which has earned them the nickname of  “dessert smoke.”


Just be sure the cigar chose is listed as “mild” in the retailer’s store or website, don’t inhale and don’t be afraid to ask around for help.

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