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Cigar Country Spotlight: Italy

Tuscano cigars

When we think of countries associated with cigars, the likes of Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic are likely to come to mind first. But did you know that Italy actually has a long and interesting history of tobacco production itself too? While not offering cigars on quite the same scale as countries like Cuba, […]

10 Fascinating Facts About Cigars

Cigars have long been enjoyed for their complex and intense flavours, and the rich history associated with the production and enjoyment of these delicious smokes has led to the development of numerous fun facts and exciting tales. Keep reading to discover 10 cigar facts that you can share the next time you smoke a stogie […]

The Mysterious History of Trinidad Cigars

In February 2019, at the Festival Del Habano, Trinidad Cigars celebrated their fiftieth anniversary as part of the cigar industry. The celebrations were grand – as to be expected for a 50th – as Trinidad were one of the main featured brands of the Festival del Habano, and announced the release of five new cigars; […]

The Fascinating History Behind Cuba’s Cigar Industry

Cuban cigars

Cigar smoking tends to lend itself to moments of calm, allowing you to sit back in a chair, as the luxurious smoke swirls around you, and have a good think about things. If you’re a fan of Cuban cigars, you may have thought about where they come from and how they have gained such a […]

The Debated Origins of the Cigar Band

Aged Cuban cigars including Bolivar, Romeo y Julieta, Cohiba cigars and more

In today’s world of cigars, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cigar that didn’t come with its own distinctive band. Today, the band denotes the brand. Cohiba cigars, for instance,  can be identified by vibrant yellow, paired with black and white squares on the band. However, cigars historically didn’t always come with bands, and it is […]

Glossary of Cigar Terminology

Whether you’re a beginner or have been smoking for years, when talking about cigars, sometimes the fun of the smoke can be lost in the confusion of new terminology. Looking for a new cigar to try can prove a real challenge if you’re unsure about what some of the descriptors mean, so we’ve put together […]

A Guide to Flavoured Cigars

Neon signage on the side of a shop that reads cigars

The introduction of flavoured products into the premium cigar market was something that was extremely unexpected; however, flavoured cigars have now become the fastest growing segment in the stogie industry. Many popular publications suggest that growth in cigar consumption is primarily due to the increase in sales of flavoured cigars, which has risen astonishingly by […]