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Cigars have been enjoyed across the world for centuries. It’s thought that the first recorded depiction of cigar smoking was found painted on a ceramic pot in Guatemala that dates all the way back to the 10th century.

So, it comes as no shock that a great many of the big-name brands we talk about date back well over fifty years, at least.

In this continuation of our cigar history series, we’re going to be talking about one of the younger names in the industry that managed to take the cigar world by storm.

We are of course talking about My Father Cigars.

My Father Cigars Early History

Jose Pepin Garcia was born in Cuba in 1950 and was already rolling his first cigar by the age of 11. This sparked a lifelong passion that Pepin carried with him as he stepped into the world of cigar making.

In 2003, Pepin and his family bought a small cigar factory in Little Havana where he could make his dream a reality. Here, the My Father Cigar brand was born.

In 2009, My Father Cigar had already grown to the point they were able to open My Father Cigars in Nicaragua. The complex was seven acres and had a fully installed production process which allowed the company to harvest, package, and ship their products to retailers all from one spot.

My Father Cigars Today

Now almost 20 years since their humble beginnings, My Father Cigars is still a fully operational and family run business.

Don Pepin Garcia, who was named America’s Hottest Cigar Maker by Cigar Aficionado, works with his son Jaime to develop countless blends for My Father Cigars as well as some of the most prestigious companies in the industry.

Even command of the company headquarters in Doral remains within the family, with Pepin’s daughter, Janny Garcia, leading the charge.

By following the tradition lived and learned by the family in Cuba, My Father Cigars now has two factories, one of which is staffed by a team of twelve expert cigar rollers trained and appointed by Don Pepin himself.

From these two factories, the family continues to produce their twelve traditional company-owned brands that are known by cigar aficionados across the world.

What Are My Father Cigars Like?

The blends used in My Father Cigars are known to be uncompromisingly robust and aromatic and are adored worldwide for their combination of strength, richness and spicy aroma.

Each cigar that comes out of the Jose Pepin Garcia legacy is meticulously handcrafted to give a beautifully wrapped cigar with a traditional triple-cap finish. Since their inception, My Father Cigars had gone on to create an array of award-winning smokes including their Flor de Las Antillas which was named Best Cigar of the Year in 2021.

My Father Cigars has carved its place in the world of premium cigar making and will no doubt continue to produce some of the best traditionally made cigars on the market. The only question left to ask is what this family business will achieve next?

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Image Credits: My Father Cigars

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