7 Accessories Every Pipe Smoker Needs

Pipe and accessories

For many pipe smokers, half of the enjoyment that comes with this hobby is the constant hunt and collecting of new and exciting smoking items. Whether this is sourcing a new pipe for your collection, discovering an untried blend, or adding that final important accessory to your kit. If you’re just starting on your pipe smoking journey, it’s worth noting that although you may think that tobacco and a pipe are all you need, this is far from the full story. Accessories are key in pipe smoking, to maintain each bowl of tobacco and ensure that your pipe is always in good shape. Even if you’re an experienced smoker, there will still be something here for you, as we suggest some of our favourite brands potentially giving you something new to try!


Xikar Pipe Lighter

Even if you’re a novice looking to put together a bare-bones kit, a lighter is a compulsory accessory for pipe smoking; without fire, there’s no smoke! When sourcing a lighter, you’ll want to remember that the more you spend, the better quality you’ll receive, and that butane is non-negotiable. Butane is a fuel that won’t affect the taste of the tobacco, whereas the cheap and flimsy ones sold at corner shops will have cheap fuel that ruins the flavour of the smoke.

If you’ve just moved over from smoking cigars to pipes, then you’ll want to invest in a dedicated pipe smoking lighter. Cigar lighters are typically hotter and rise from the top of the device, making it hard to angle to toast the tobacco lightly. A pipe lighter, on the other hand, has a flame coming out of the side, meaning you can achieve a lovely well-rounded light without burning your fingers!

This Xikar Scribe Pipe Lighter is a great choice for a reasonable price. A well known and much-loved brand that has roots in cigar smoking, this pipe lighter is conveniently sized and for easy use and transportation.

Pipe Cleaners

If you plan to be using your pipe more than just a handful of times (and you will), then keeping it in good shape is vital. Pipe cleaners are a cheap and effective way to keep your pipe smoking at its best. Pipe cleaners are used to remove residue tobacco and ash after smoking and stop the stem from clogging up with gunk. We particularly like these Newport cleaners; cheap, simple and effective.

Pipe Cleaner Holder

If you’re smoking at home, then you’ll likely have your own storage system for your kit, but when you’re heading out of the house, this can all change. Whether you’re going to work, out on a business trip or heading away for the weekend, you’ll want to be carrying a stash of tobacco and a pipe, along with a handful of cleaners. Pockets aren’t the best place to store these spiky little rods, nor is your bag as they can often bend or get dirty, so what you need is a pipe cleaner holder!

A useful accessory that keeps your cleaners together in an orderly fashion, the holder is slim and sturdy enough to be packed away in a side pocket without worry. Unfortunately, we don’t stock these at the moment, but the brand Claudio Albieri have a fantastic offering available, certainly worth checking out.

Pipe Tools (Knife/Tamper)

Pipe cleaning tool

Covering anything from cleaning to tamping, pipe tools are a vital part of your accessory kit. Tamping tools are used to maintain the smoke of the pipe while it is lit, done by pushing down unburnt tobacco until it is beneath the ember. Typically, this is done every ten minutes or so to ensure that you don’t need to relight the pipe.

Tools can also be used to clean and service a pipe after smoking, to ensure that following smokes will be of a high quality. Things like removing residue ash from the bowl and maintain cake can all be done with a good set of tools, making these another vital part of your kit. A cheap three-part tool can be found here, but it is possible to spend much more on these items.

Roll-Up Pouch

Looking to keep all your pipe smoking kit in one tidy place? Then the roll-up pouch is the answer! These handy storage devices keep all your tobacco and accessories in one handy place, ready to open and smoke at any moment. Depending on the style and design you opt for, you’ll be able to carry one, two, or more pipes, along with pipe cleaners, tobacco, a lighter and pipe tools.

Pipe Stand

For those of you with ever-growing pipe collections, it’s vital for them to be stored and displayed properly. Pipes are fragile and should always be stored in a safe place. One of the best ways to store your pipes is using a pipe stand, keeping them all together for when you’re next ready to smoke. Various designs are available, capable of holding single or multiple pipes. All are designed to support the bowl of the pipe while ensuring the stem is pointed upright. We particularly like this five-pipe stand, perfect for keeping your pipe collection safe and sound.


Last, but certainly not least, is the humble ashtray. Used for resting your pipe while smoking, and cleaning at the end of the smoke, a good quality ashtray can last a lifetime. Our glass round ashtray comes with a cork knocker, perfect for clearing your bowl after a smoke and will come in handy to clean out the stubborn tobacco. It can also rest two pipes, perfect for when you’re feeling sociable.

Make sure you’ve stocked up on the finest pipe tobacco to ensure a great quality smoke! We have a range on our online shop, along with pipes and accessories.

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