How to Smoke a Cigar in Winter

A man in winter looking for the best cigar lighter

When it gets frosty out, there’s nothing better than a rich smoke to help warm you up. But for many of us, smoking inside is unfortunately not an option. So, what do you do when the weather turns colder? We give you some top tips on how to survive the winter


Which cigar should I choose?

When the temperature drops and there’s a chill in the air, the last thing that we want is to be stood outside in the wintery weather for long periods of time. Unfortunately, with restrictions on indoor smoking and less room to smoke at home, it can be hard to find a warm spot to smoke during the winter. Some cigar lovers even pack away their smoking sets and hibernate their habit over the colder months. If you’re venturing out into the cold, you are likely to see more of your own breath than you are the cigar smoke. Picking a shorter stogie can be beneficial here, especially if you get one that packs a punch, like the Bolivar Petit Corona, so you won’t be cutting down on flavour, only time. Alternatively, you could swap your bigger cigars for their smaller counterparts, the cigarillo.


Outdoor Ready

If smoking indoors just isn’t an option for you, then it’s time to layer up. Of course, your hands are one of the most important parts of the smoking process, so padding them up with gloves can prove somewhat problematic. Fingerless gloves can work well here, especially ones with mitten flaps, so your fingers can be tucked away into the warm when not in use. If you’ll be out in the cold often, investing in a good pair of heated gloves can also do the trick.

If you have a garden, acquiring an outdoor heat source such as a fire pit or a patio heater can also be handy, especially if you would prefer to sit back and relax with your cigar (as much as you can in the cold!).



With the wind blowing, rain, and potentially snow, lighting up can sometimes be a struggle in the winter months. Butane lighters, for example, work best in the warm, so sometimes struggle with the colder temperatures that winter brings. Keep your lighter close to you, carried in an inner pocket of your jacket, to ensure that it is kept warm. One of the best cigar lighter options for colder climes are Zippo-type lighters. However, it is important to make sure that you choose one that will not be blown out every other second, as this will be incredibly frustrating! To combat this, try using a dual or triple flame lighter, as this will withstand the wind a little better.


a man smoking a cigar outside in winter 

Make yourself a man cave

You’ve probably always wanted one, and now may be your chance! Convert a spare room or garage into the smoking room of your dreams. All you really need is a comfy chair, a table to place your ashtray and other smoking paraphernalia, and, of course, a heater to keep you warm. Add in extras, like reading materials and a drinks cabinet for an incredible experience.

If you’re wary of smoking indoors, look into getting some form of a ventilation system in place. Window fans or exhaust fans are simple ways of wafting away the smoke, although investing in a smoke eater to clean the air is a small price to pay for smoking in comfort year round. If smoking in the house is a big no-no, but you are lucky enough to have a cigar lounge nearby, now is the time to take a visit. Despite the smoking ban, more and more of these have been popping up over the country.



The best thing about cold weather is that we can sit indoors with the heating on full blast. While it’s fantastic to be cosy and warm by our fires, this heating in your house can cause cigars and humidors to dry out. Make sure that you are not storing your cigars next to your heaters either. Check your humidification systems more regularly than you normally would; at least once every week.


Do you still light up during the winter months? How do you beat the cold, let us know via our social media channels or in the comments below!

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