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Top 6 Best Wedding Cigars

wedding cigars smoked by groomsmes

It’s been a long-held tradition for cigars to be used as a method of celebration. Christenings, birthdays, and—of course—weddings. With so much history and culture wrapped around cigars, they too deserve to mean something special. So, no matter what you’ve got planned for your big day, make sure you set aside the time to enjoy […]

How to Smoke a Pipe

Man in a field smoking a pipe

If you want to enjoy all the wonders that tobacco tasting has to offer, but cigars aren’t quite your style, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy tobacco, but none are as distinguished and sophisticated as pipe smoking. However, if you don’t know how to smoke a pipe or do […]

How Far Down Should You Smoke A Cigar?

Burning cigar in an ashtray

When you smoke a cigar, one thing you’ll need to consider is where you’re going to stop smoking. Do you smoke until you reach the band? Or until it starts to burn your fingers? Or should you use a cigar pick to smoke all the way to the end? It’s quite a hotly debated topic […]

The Complete Guide to Cigar Smoking

24 Whether you are just starting out in the cigar world or are looking to freshen up on the basics, this guide will help you turn from a beginner to a refined and well-educated smoker of cigars! Click a topic, or scroll down to learn everything! What Cigar Should You Buy as a Beginner? Understanding […]

Guide to Cigar Shapes and Sizes

2 Cigar aficionados will have a pretty good idea about what size cigar they like smoking, but for novice smokers, all of the different vitola names can prove a little confusing. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you understand the difference between each. What is a Vitola? The term vitola is used in […]

How to Store Cigars Without a Humidor


We all know that a humidor is the best way of storing your cigars, but there may be a time in which you find yourself without one. Whether your existing humidor has broken or is too full to fit your newest cigar additions, or you have ended up being gifted a cigar that you’re not […]

Cigar Wrapper Guide: Maduro Wrappers

A Marburo cigar next to a glass of whiskey

In this instalment of our cigar wrapper guide series, we’re going to be taking a more in-depth look into the classic Maduro cigar. When it comes to cigars, there are countless ways for us to categorise them, from size to brand and even colour and taste. But perhaps the easiest way to separate our favourite […]

How Does Your Lighting Method Impact Your Cigar?

1 When it comes to lighting a cigar, a little bit of tact is required. While you could light a cigarette by holding any kind of flame to it, with a cigar, you need a more refined approach. A top-quality lighter and a steady hand are required to keep the jet at just the right […]

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