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The Art of Pairing Food with Cigars

A man enjoying food while smoking a cigar

Some like cigars with whiskey, some like them with wine. And then there’s some who enjoy pairing their cigars with food flavours.  While the idea of pairing food with cigars has caused something of a divide between aficionados, we think it’s something that every cigar enthusiast should try at least once!  And we’re here to […]

4 Activities to Enjoy While Smoking a Cigar

Someone smoking a cigar

If you’re a true cigar aficionado, then simply basking in the aromas of your cigar might be enough for you to pass the time. But, if you’re looking for something else to help the time go by, why not try enjoying one of these activities while smoking your cigar?

7 Best Mixers for Gin

A glass of gin garnished with lemon and coriander

1 When it comes to gin nowadays, you’re spoilt for choice! You might be surprised to know that there are some stern requirements for a beverage to be considered gin by law. These include: Being a neutral spirit distilled from something natural like wheat, barley, potatoes or grapes. The predominant flavour must be juniper. There […]

6 Best Mixers for Whisky

A selection of alcoholic drinks at the back of a bar

Although whisky can be enjoyed neat due to its complex flavours, it can also be mixed into exquisite cocktails or sipped and savoured with a mixer. Because of the abundance of flavours that range from smoky to floral, we’re sure you will find a whisky that is tailored to your palate. No matter your preference, […]

A Guide to Whisky Glasses

When you drink a glass of whisky, the aroma produced by the golden liquid contributes greatly to the enjoyment of the experience. But did you know, the glass you pour your whisky into has a huge impact on the way this aroma reaches you? Choosing the right whisky glass is important if you are looking […]

How to Infuse Cigars with Alcohol

Although some purists may beg to differ, you can improve your smoking experience by infusing your cigars with your favourite liquors. What better way to enjoy a cognac and cigar than combining the two for a more fruitful evening? If it’s your first time infusing your cigars, why not splash out on your favourite liquor? […]

5 Whisky Cocktail Recipes for Christmas

A well-balanced dram of whisky is the perfect companion in the evening. Why not experiment with this age-old friend and try something new? We’re not suggesting that anything can quite beat a neat whisky, but after all, it is Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you’re more inclined to a smoky blend or find yourself to […]

4 Hot Cocktails for Winter

When winter evenings start to crawl in early, there’s nothing more tempting than a cigar in one hand, and a whisky in the other. Take comfort in knowing, the frosty bite of the air is locked away as you take a smokey sip of indulgence.  With a chill in the air, we’ve been compiling an […]

Cigars and Rum Pairing Guide

A cigar next to a glass of rum

Pairings can be an incredible way to enhance a cigar. Finding the perfect food or drink item to enjoy alongside your smoke can help to develop an amazing flavour experience – drawing out subtleties and finding complementary notes. While cigars and Scotch are undoubtedly a fantastic, classic pairing, the focus on whisky amongst cigar-lovers often […]

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