Top 5 Best Mini Cigarillos!

Mini cigarillos are becoming more and more popular since the introduction of cigars into Europe. Especially since the last 20-30 years more people are smoking these tiny cigars than ever. So we thought that it was about time to define the top five mini cigarillos in the World!

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold

Davidoff cigarillos are the most complex in the world. Thier flavours harmonise together in a symphony of full-flavouredness. This is due to the blend of tobacco which comes from all around the world. In countries such as Brazil and Indonesia. Even though these cigarillos are small, they are still treated with the same amount of care as their larger counterparts. It takes 5-10 years for each cigarillo to reach the hands of the eventual smoker. As the flame touches the tip of their lips, time becomes still, a moment where sense and pleasure overtake everything else. Each draw of a Davidoff is a celebration, time beautifully filled.

Montecristo Puritos

Montecristo, named after the Count of Monte Cristo, is the highest selling and most beloved Cuban cigar brand in the world. Unsurprising, they’re smaller cigars are much loved as well! The tobacco used in them is grown in the finest agricultural region in the world – Vuelta Abajo. From fully fledged connoisseurs to novice puffers these cigars are ideal for all types of smokers! You can expect subtle flavours. Including a bitter earthiness and hints of vanilla.

Cohiba Club Cigars

Cohiba is the top-line of Cuba. The brand was originally created for the personal use of top Cuban officials alone so you can be sure that every Cohiba you smoke is of the best quality. The tobacco used in these cigarillos, like the Montecristo’s, is grown in the Vuelta Abajo region. These small cigars owe their quality to the third fermentation process which they undertake in hogshead barrels. This is a traditional only kept alive by Cohiba. These cigars are medium to full in flavour and are bursting with all the flavours that you would expect from Cohiba.

Partagas Serie Mini

Partagas cigars, founded by the legendary Don Jaime Partagas, are one of the top Cuban brands. They are known for creating some of the best cigars out there but when you condense the larger counterparts into a much smaller cigar, you get something really special. The same leaf from the Vegas de Primeras region is used so you get the same rich and deep flavours that characterise Partagas cigars. Interestingly, these cigars are not overly powerful. This is strange seeing as the Partagas brand are famous for being the strongest Cuban brand. The mildness of these cigars make them the perfect short smoke or aperitif.

E Nobel Petit Sumatra

You may be surprised to hear than these fine cigars come from Denmark! That cold Scandinavian country does not usually come to mind when you think of great cigars. However, there are few other mini cigarillos that offer the same depth of flavour and smoothness that this small cigar does. The Sumatran wrapper aids the development so the delicate flavours. If you are a cigarillo person then you simply have to try an E Nobel.

Thanks for reading our blog on the top 5 mini cigarillos. Of course, there can be no official top five because smoking is a subjective pastime. In the case that you disagree with our list don’t hesitate to drop a comment with your own favourite cigarillos.

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