A Guide to Cigar Smoking in New York

New York City

Whether you’re planning a trip to the big apple or you’re already stateside and want to know where you can go to grab a great Cuban cigar, we’ve put this guide together to help you get the best stogie in New York. We’ve previously looked at cigar smoking in London so this time we wanted to focus on the city that never sleeps and let you know where you can have a great smoke in the city. In reality, there are many great cigar spots in NYC but we wanted to highlight just a few to get you on you’re merry way! Here are the ones we think you should visit:

Diamante’s Brooklyn Cigar Lounge

Now in its tenth year of business, this relatively young establishment is an old head on young shoulders being one of the city’s best cigar bars. Being based in one of New York’s iconic brownstone buildings, the lounge does a fantastic job of making you feel at home, with leather seats and a lovely warm fireplace. The bar is open every day of the week and offers visitors a range of entertainment such as live jazz performances, classic boxing and other themed events. An extra bonus of Diamante’s is that it has a fantastic central location!

Man with beard smoking cuban cigar

Circa Tabac/Soho Cigar Bar

Having recently rebranded from Circa Tabac to the new name of Soho Cigar Bar, to promote the launch of its own brand of cigars, this is a great place to grab a cigar while having some dinner and drinks. Fancy relaxing after a long day at work, or after you’ve explored the city? This is definitely the place to do it! Fitted with a brand new ventilation system, the bar offers visitors the chance to step back in time while enjoying an authentic New York experience.

Grand Havana Room

If you’re looking for something more exclusive then perhaps the Grand Havana Room will be more your thing. Located on the top floor of the 666 building, this is a private club so gaining access won’t be easy! The staff will make your experience truly special with the establishment being aimed at true cigar aficionados. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit this exclusive bar, we’d suggest you take the chance with both hands.


The Karma bar puts a focus on having a fun and clean smoking experience with a high quality air ventilation and purification system that means you can enjoy your cigars without the worry of the smell lingering. Smokers and non-smokers can enjoy Karma so if you’re visiting the city, we’d suggest popping along. They don’t offer a dedicated cigar menu so you’ll want to stock up on your favourite stogies before you head to the bar!

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Club Macanudo

If ever there were a ‘classic’ cigar bar, Club Macanudo would fit the description perfectly. A picture of elegance and class that is located at the heart of the city’s Upper East Side, the club plays the perfect host for either business or pleasure. Fitted with a top-notch ventilation system and fantastically comfortable leather furnishings, you’ll have a great cigar smoking experience here. As with many more sophisticated cigar clubs and bars, Club Macanudo employs a strict dress code which prohibits t-shirts, trainers, shorts etc.

The Carnegie Club

Open seven days a week, The Carnegie Club is the perfect location to enjoy a fine cigar in good company. With a bit more of a gothic feel, high ceilings, filled bookcases and comfy chairs, the establishment brings with it a certain style and class that only the best cigar lounges offer. Will staff that will make your stay an absolute pleasure and with a great selection of cigars to boot, the Carnegie Club answers all your questions!

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Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars

If, instead of heading to a lounge or club, you want to smoke alone in a place of your choosing, or maybe you want to grab some souvenirs before you head home, then make sure you check out Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars. Hand made in their factory in midtown New York, the cigars are sold in their shop and have been expertly blended.

Whether you’re planning a trip to New York, or you’re already there, then these places should definitely be on your list to visit! If you’ve visited the US, let us know where your favourite cigar shops and bars are on social media!

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