Cigar Smoking and Golf

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If you’re a regular reader of the Havana House blog, you’ll know that we are big fans of pairing guides. Whether you’re combining your stogie with a dram of top-notch whiskey or some fine chocolate treats, our guides will have you covered. One thing that has not been touched on before is the combination of cigars and sports. This is mostly because sports often do not lend themselves to the tranquillity required for smoking a fine cigar. Most sports require a constant physical exertion and involve getting tired, sweaty and red in the face. This is where golf comes in…

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The Beauty of Golf

Golf is truly a sport like no other. There are no other sports (that we can think of) that are less strenuous and have a lower physical requirement but still allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re a fan of blue skies and luscious green fairways, then combining this with a great cigar is a must. That said, there are a few guidelines that should be adhered to when taking your stogies onto the course, we’ve outlined some for you here:

Keep Your Cigars Stored Properly

Just because you’re out on the course doesn’t mean normal cigar rules don’t apply! Because you’re out in the elements, it’s doubly important that you keep your cigars stored safely, securely and correctly so that when you come to light one up, it provides a satisfying smoke. Most humidors will keep a cigar at between 72% – 80% humidity which is vitally different from the outside world (unless you’re playing golf in a rain forest!). Even if you keep your cigars in the car to avoid elemental damage, you’ll still be risking spoiling one of your smokes. To prevent this, make sure you bring a travel humidor with you to the course so that you can keep your cigars at their correct humidity level.

Don’t Leave Your Cigar Lying Around

When you’ve had a smoke or two of your cigar and head up to take a shot, don’t just leave it resting on the cart or on the floor; make sure you pack your golf cart cigar holder. These are simple peg-like attachments that can clip to your bag and hold the cigar will you hit your shot. Leaving it on the ground can both cause damage to the tobacco of the cigar and damage to the course, let alone be dangerous for other players.

Sharing is Caring

Lighting up a mighty fine cigar on the course is a great feeling, but seeing someone else do it is less so. It’s not great when you get left out, so make sure no one else in your party is either. Bringing enough cigars to go round will be greatly appreciated by your fellow golf pals and they’ll owe you one in the future!

Keep it Light on The Course

Heavy cigars with lots of spice and flavour are great, but no when they are smoked one after the other. It’s a lot to take on and by the second one, you’ll be regretting it! Plus, when you’re on the course, you won’t be thinking about how great the cigar tastes, you’ll be concentrating on your shots so consider it a wasted cigar. Bring something with a lighter flavour so that it doesn’t take much thought to smoke.

Focus on the Golf, Not Your Cigar

Assuming that you have properly cut and lit your cigar, there’s not much further thought required than the occasional puff to keep it burning nicely. Plus, you’re there to play golf, not to compare smokes, so keep your mind on the game and consider the cigar a bonus!

Next time you head out to the course, make sure you’re lighting up the right way. We’ve got a great range of cigars and Xikar lighters, check out our selection here.

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