Your guide to buying a cigar as a gift

Choosing a cigar as a gift can be a daunting task to say the least. Similarly to trying to pick out a pair of jeans for a loved one or friend, picking out a cigar requires the knowledge of knowing their preferences, and what the smoker likes best of all. But thanks to out insightful guide, you don’t have to endure this daunting experience and you can make an assured purchase that is sure to be the most informed gift the recipient will ever receive.

Our latest guide has been compiled with the intention to make your experience not only easier, but enjoyable too!

The Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar as found at Havana House

Pick a Cigar

We have selected three cigars for you from our range that we think will always bring pleasure and satisfaction to cigar aficionados:

  • Cohiba Behike 52: Voted 2010 Cigar of the Year are rolled with the finest Volado, Seco and Ligero leaves as well the rare Medio Tiempo leaves (top leaves on the sun grown tobacco plant), the original Behike goes down in folklore as being one of the greatest ever Cuban cigars made the new variation are following the same path. A must try for any aficionado.


  • Romeo Y Julieta Piramide Anejados Cigar: The Romeo y Julieta Piramide Anejados is the first release from the exciting new Anejados series. Several years ago, Cuban brands began creating cigars in brand new, unique sizes preparing for the American market to open once again after the Cuban revolution. Alas, Cuban cigars are still not available for sale in the US, leaving Cuba with a backlog of rare cigars. The Habanos bureau decided to age the cigars for 5-8 years in optimal conditions before releasing them as ‘Anejados’ editions across the globe. One for those making the next step up from beginner to mid-level smoker.


  • Aging Room M356: Aging room, from Boutique Blends, are perhaps the youngest premium cigar brand out there at the moment. This does not mean that the Aging Room M356 lacks the accolades of other cigars, however, the cigar was rating 94 and 95 by independent specialist bodies and was featured in the top 25 cigars of the year list by numerous cigar-specific publications such as Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Journal. The ideal option for the beginner.



Helpful Buying Advice

While Havana House will always offer a premium service, we urge people to inspect the cigar they are considering purchasing. Many people will have a clichéd British approach when it comes to perusing the cigars and other products we have. You will see the staff member pick up the cigar and give it a gentle pinch up and down. This is to carry out a routine check that can help discover any imperfections or small tears that may have occurred. And while this is uncommon, we feel it’s best to carry out the checks anyway, after all, you don’t want the receiver of your beautiful gift to have any problems smoking your present once lit.

You may also want to feel over the cigar for the feeling of an irregular dip, and while this may well be even more uncommon than the aforementioned imperfections, it has the potential to affect the way in which the cigar smokes in terms of its evenness.  You are best off feeling a few and opting for the one that feels best to you. Of course, any stockists worth their salt will be able to help you with this if you are unfamiliar.

Sometimes you are better off bringing the person you are buying for along with you. This is because they are then on hand to try all strengths and varieties of products so that they are aware of what works for their individual palate. Similarly to drinking a good whisky, to which people insist has to be consumed neat, it all boils down to personal preference, and you should not simply smoke a cigar you struggle with, just because of a name, or for the appearance. Select the cigar that fits your preferences to the closest degree and enjoy it!


Our Quality Guarantee

At Havana House, we want to make sure that the cigars you receive are in the best possible condition. We open and check every humidor, box, pack and tubos to check that the cigar is to our very high standards. If the cigar passes inspection, we are proud to apply our seal of approval. This should be something that comes as standard.

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